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Shisha Head Buying Guide: Select The Right One That Suits You

What Is Shisha Head?

Shisha head (also known as hookah bowl or shisha bowl) come in different shapes, sizes and materials; and can have a big impact on the quality of your shisha smoking session.

Remember that different types of shisha heads are suitable for different types of tobacco and that different materials and styles can greatly affect the quality of the smoke. Each type of shisha head has its pros and cons, and finding the right bowl for you shouldn’t be based on price alone. 

Hookah Bowl Types

Egyptian Shisha Head

Egyptian hookah heads are formed like a bowl and generally have 5 medium-size openings in a cross pattern in the base to enable the shisha smoke to be drawn right into the chamber of the hookah pipe. Egyptian shisha head can be utilized with foil, screens as well as chimney collections; providing a cheap and flexible alternative for shisha smokers. One downside to Egyptian hook bowls is that the excess molasses in the shisha tobacco will leak straight right into the stem.

Egyptian Shisha Head

Vortex Shisha Head

There are a number of different layouts that have been called Vortex hookah bowls, as the name relates to the smoke vortex created by the shape of the Vortex shisha head. Typical clay Vortex shisha bowls are formed like a doughnut mould, with a stump in the centre of the bowl incorporating outward-facing draw holes.

A more modern version of the Vortex shisha head is constructed from silicone (bowl washer safe, solid, no grommet required), as well as has fins moulded into the base of the bowl to interfere with the airflow producing a smoke vortex. Compatible with aluminium foil, screens and chimney sets; Vortex hookah heads are an enhancement over Egyptian hookah bowls as much fewer molasses will certainly trickle down the stem.

Vortex Shisha Head

Phunnel Shisha Head

Structure on the design of the Vortex hookah bowl, Phunnel hookah bowls are likewise shaped like a doughnut mould however have a single upward-facing draw hole in the middle of the centre stump. Theoretically, excess molasses need to be consisted of in the base of the bowl and be prevented from dripping down the stem.

Finding the ideal aluminium foil or display layout (number, dimension, and pattern of holes) for the Phunnel shisha bowl calls for a bit of trial & mistake, and chimney sets might result in excessive airflow for some shisha lovers.

Phunnel Shisha Head

Lipped Hookah Bowl

All of the above shisha head designs (Egyptian hookah bowls, Vortex hookah bowls, and also Phunnel hookah bowls) can include an inner lip to fit a heat monitoring device. That being claimed, it is essential that the bowl design suits the warm monitoring device, otherwise, there may be too much (or inadequate) air movement with the system. If unsure, a lot of heat management devices will certainly work fine with a lipped Egyptian hookah bowl or lipped Vortex hookah bowl (supplying the sizes suit).

Each lipped style hookah bowl holds your heat management system perfectly so that it sits in position and transfers warm straight without shedding airflow. Grab a lipped hookah bowl for your shisha heat management system.

Lipped Hookah Bowl

How To Pack A Shisha Head?

A lot of shisha lovers are not aware of the significance of correctly getting ready for a shisha session. How you load your hookah bowl plays a huge component in the top quality and longevity of a session, as well as packing a bowl ought to never ever be hurried. So that you can take pleasure in the most effective experience when smoking tobacco shisha, we’re likely to take you via the process of loading a hookah bowl, in just 4 easy steps.

STEP 1: Chop The Shisha Leaves To A Uniform Size

Shisha tobacco can be found in all sizes and shapes out of the pack. So if you want a regular smoke it’s crucial to start with a constant mix, which indicates executing a little pre-session pruning.

First of all, spread out about a handful of shisha leaves in addition to your chopping board. Using a sharp kitchen area knife, slice the leaves to about 1-2 centimetres strips, seeing to it that the length of the strips is as uniform as possible.

A finer cut provides a higher area of cigarette/ tobacco to the hot air and also is less complicated to handle when packing the shisha mix into a bowl. Do not try to take faster ways using scissors or a coffee mill; the length of the fallen leaves will be irregular and/or too fine to appropriately smoke.

STEP 2: Dry The Shisha Mix

Once you are happy with the cut, place the hookah mixture on one half of an absorbent paper towel, fold the other half over the front and gently push down a few times to absorb the excess molasses as well as extracting the glycerine from the leaves.

As well as preventing the build-up of hot spots, this will certainly help to quickly incorporate heat into the mixture. However, please be careful not to dry out the mixture too much as this will certainly result in a hotter, harsher session.

STEP 3: Prepare The Shisha Mix

Using a fork, spread your shisha mix out on the cutting board to ensure that it is sitting rather flat. Separate the fallen leaves and toss/roll the mix with the fork so that there are no big chunks stuck.

Make certain to mop up any excess molasses as well as glycerine from the slicing board and also remain to squash and roll the mix until it is cosy and also oxygenated. You’re currently all set to load your shisha head.

STEP 4: Pack The Shisha Head

There’s nothing worse than starting a shisha session to find that the hookah is impossible to draw smoke from, or that the smoke is so hot and harsh that it isn’t pleasurable.

Improperly packing the bowl will lead to these undesirable shisha experiences. To allow appropriate air circulation and also an even burn, you do not intend to load your bowl also snugly.

Using your fingers or a fork, progressively fill up the hookah bowl as much as they fill the line (most bowls will certainly have a fill line on their inside). Then sprinkle a bit a lot more shisha mix on the top so that it will be delicately touching the underside of the aluminium foil or display, yet not squashed down.

This strategy additionally functions if you have a smoke shaft collection or heat management systems, just ensure you get the fill height appropriate to make sure that the mix isn’t compacted (which limits air circulation). Make sure that there are no stray shisha hairs on the rim or inner step of the bowl, as these will certainly prevent an airtight seal.

How Long Does A Shisha Head Last?

The response is: It’s complicated. If I needed to put a number on it, the typical hookah session lasts approximately 45 mins to one hr, but it truly is a bit much more complicated than that.

There are so many different aspects at play when preparing a hookah shisha that can change how long your hookah will certainly smoke for. These aspects consist of:

  • The bowl you’re using
  • The shisha tobacco
  • Heat management
  • Personal preference!

Of course, if you want your hookah shisha to taste better, then you need to find out more about other accessories such as shisha coals and shisha pipes, knowing more is what will make your hookah session more enjoyable.

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