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Shisha Tutorial: Easy Method Of Shisha Flavours Mix

Shisha Tutorial: Easy Method Of Shisha Flavours Mix

Today we have an interesting discussion which involves tobacco choices and then flavour choices. On the other hand, shisha flavours mix is an art form, and with any art comes practice and repetition. If you at home you have a bunch of flavours laying around and then you cannot decide what flavour you want to try today. That’s totally fine happens to all of us every day. In this case, the Shisha flavours mix is one of the best solutions to solve the problem of not knowing which flavour of hookah you want to smoke.

If anyone is interested in how to make hookah tobacco at home, you can click here and check out the tutorial. But now I will show you how to get a good Shisha flavours mix. Sticking with us and find out what’s gonna happen.

Shisha Flavours Mix – Fruity Fresh Flavours

My usual suggestion to mix Shisha flavours is to mix food flavours with some mint if you like mint. If you don’t like mint, you can mix something sweet and sour. let’s start off with fruity fresh flavours.

For those type of flavours, I usually suggest citrusy flavours, such as grapefruit, orange, pineapple or something like that if you do have a good pineapple flavour. That’s not harsh and sour, that’s usually good, and you can mix it with regular mint, or like we usually do with a decade of Kingman, just to make it a little stronger.

Those are the flavours that make for sweet and sour and fresh flavours. Basically, the fruity flavours are trying to make something like grapefruit with mint. That’s usually the basic flavour that is good and everybody enjoys it. Therefore, please give it a try and let us know in the comments how you liked it, or if you didn’t like it, just give us some subjects suggestions on the Shisha flavours.

Shisha Flavours Mix – Dessert Type Of Flavors

Next up, we have a dessert type of flavours which is a specific category of tobacco flavours. As the taste is usually more tobacco flavour. When you enjoy it for quite a while, for example, if your session is about an hour already, you could fill the tobacco leaf flavour from those flavours usually. And if you do decide to try those flavours, and you enjoy this type of flavours, I would usually suggest something like lemon cake from Sherbert Lee peach spice from Starbucks. Those are like medium sweetness flavours.

But they are really interesting and I encourage you guys to try out the third common category that exists in the industry. It’s a sour-sweet and sour type of flavours usually. Those are more of apple flavours or something like lemons citrus flavours, but you could mix it with berries as well which comes out pretty good.

Usually, if I do the sweet and sour flavours, I try to go for the green apple. If you can find it in your nearest hookah lounge or the smoke shop or whatever you bite the tobacco, make sure to grab that flavour. That’s pretty good, it’s from Sherbert Lee. I know that Nakhla does them as well. When it has a fajita flavour which is a red apple, but it’s still a good apple. You can definitely mix the apple flavour with citrusy, they are usually like lemon mint or iced lemon. Those good lemony minty flavours that I’m pretty sure you guys would enjoy.

Shisha Tobacco

The Way To Pack A Bowl Of Dessert Type Of Shisha Flavours Mix

Right now, let’s pack a bowl of the dessert type of flavour, I kind of show you the proportions and the basics of mixology. Today I am going to show you a different technique of packing a bowl which is layered packing that differs from the other packing styles that we showed you previously. Due to it being the tobacco is laying on the ball with layers, we will have one flavour in the bottom, one flavour in the middle, and then, one flavour up top.

Today, we’re making a dessert of flavours. First, let the lemon cake as the basic flavour. If you want to get the most of this tobacco which is a lemon cake in our Bowl, I usually grab about 60% of the base flavour, and then we have its own flavours. So lemon cake would be the base we got to stash your ice cream with blueberry as its own flavour. I’ll leave it on the side.

Shisha Flavours Step 1

For now, the last flavour that we’re gonna get would be a peach spice, which is basically baked peach flavour. One more time the base flavour and then two notes flavours. What we want to do is fluff out the tobacco, you could grab it with your hands. Then drop layer the bottom layer flavour grab something like a toothpick, and arrange the tobacco. We’ll lay flat, so let’s grab our second flavoured tobacco which is a baked peach pie, which is peach spiced again.

Shisha Flavours Step 2

We’re gonna do the same thing break down the tobacco leaf. It’s not chunky and then all the leaves are separated drop it in a bowl and arrange this layer one more time. Let’s get to our last layer which would be a pistachio ice cream blueberry flavour from sure Beth Lee as that creamy taste to it. It would be perfect for starters.

Shisha Flavours Step 3
Shisha Tutorial: Easy Method Of Shisha Flavours Mix | Shisha World

Let me explain to you how this bowl works. The technique is pretty much the same you get the tobacco break it down, make sure that the tobacco is fluffy and then arrange it inside of your bowl. It covers the whole area for the whole surface, so now that we have everything in a bowl. What I usually like to do is do the hole in the middle and press down the tobacco leaves or the tobacco strands. They don’t touch the Lotus. We left the hookah for three or four minutes. As of right now, the smoke output is pretty good.

Shisha Flavours Step 4

The Feeling Of Hitting Shisha Flavours Mix

Some of you might ask why we do it in layers. It’s a combination of different techniques. Just like you know many people just mix the whole flavour, the other is to create a single flavour from many different flavours. What we did though is basically layers, the top layer is in our case it’s ice cream with pistachio. A second layer would be a peach pie flavour, and then the last flavour would be lemon cake flavour. Throughout your session of smoking the tobacco basically burns from top to bottom that creates a transfer of the flavour.

In the beginning, it’s more of a creamy flavour. In the middle of your session, it would be more of alike you know spicy flavour with notes of cinnamon and peach. 20 minutes passed, hookah is more of a cinnamon taste, the cinnamon taste to it as well as peach flavour.

Once you gonna be finishing up your hookah session, the flavour is basically gonna turn to lemony citrusy cake, that’s the main benefit of using layers. You can definitely mix all those flavours and probably get a similar experience. But the flavours are gonna be opening, it would be a whole different story. Sometimes we do the layers for more flavours that are different or distinct flavours. You could feel the transfer of the flavours all right in that way.


If you continue smoking, the flavour is gonna change one more time for the bottom layer. That’s when you’re gonna know that your session is almost done. A little benefit from that as well, since there are a lot of flavours in the industry as of right. Now you might want to invest your time to do some research on the flavours, and then all the different options that you have all come with experience. If you are sick of the hassle, you see you can also read the article we wrote about tobacco shisha flavour review and directly choose your favourite shisha flavour.

After making your favourite shisha flavour, don’t forget to clean your hookah. This is also something very important. Don’t be afraid to experiment with flavours you might want to mix. Something citrusy up top and then some earthy tobacco ish flavours in the bottom, the way you would get the unique feeling from the hookah and always remember that flavours are all about the options. There are plenty of options, don’t be afraid to try them. To try them all and let us know in the comments down below what’s your favourite Shisha flavours mix as well as the brand of tobacco.

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