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Top 10 Al Fakher Flavours Buying Guide | Shisha World

Top 10 AL Fakher Flavours Review & Buying Guide

What Is AL Fakher Shisha?

One of our favoured hookah brands on the marketplace is Al Fakher. The AL Fakher flavours are also always being updated and are not just limited to mint or double apple. It’s very simple to prepare a delicious session and also create complete flavoured clouds of smoke with their tobacco.

You will not need any kind of elegant equipment either since this is easily among their most functional brands of hookah shisha. AL Fakher focuses their flavour schedule on solitary note flavours like blueberry, orange, as well as mint. This makes it much easier for newbies to pick a blend to smoke while providing adequate tastes for the enthusiasts to create their very own custom-made hookah flavour blend.

Is AL Fakher Tobacco-Free?

AL Fakher Herbal Shisha is made with the highest quality herbal ingredients, It is 100% tobacco-free, nicotine-free, and available in a variety of mouth-watering traditional flavours. Each 200g jar will last about 10-15 smoking sessions. A great way to enjoy AL Fakher shisha without the harmful effects of regular tobacco. Just choose your favourite flavour!

But AL Fakher shisha tobacco has nicotine.

How Much Nicotine Is In AL Fakher Flavours?

If you’re smoking AL Fakher shisha tobacco, you are ingesting 0.05% nicotine by weight.

Best AL Fakher Flavours

We made a full evaluation of each one so you get a clear image. Also, we’ll tell you some advice about those AL Fakher flavours so you choose your very own which one is the best for you.

1. AL Fakher Shisha (Grape With Mint)

Al-Fakher Shisha (Grape With Mint)
Top 10 AL Fakher Flavours Review & Buying Guide | Shisha World

If you are a fruit taste fan, the AL Fakher tobacco (Grape with Mint) flavour is absolutely worth trying. It is the best option for grape flavour fans trying to find a mint preference in the background.

This flavour leaves a rich grape preference and also scent in the mouth, making it among the most effective AL Fakher flavours on the top of our checklist. It is a non-tobacco product and is for this reason optimal for newbie hookah smokers looking to experience the pleasure of smoking shisha. For the majority of cigarette smokers that have actually not attempted a fruit and mint mix taste previously, Grape With Mint Flavour is the optimal option.


Novices may experience a gasp as a result of the mint taste. Additionally, the mint likewise makes it lighter than various other AL Fakher flavours and is therefore not the most effective for ring blowers or vapers.

2. AL Fakher Double Apple With Mint

Al Fakher Double Apple With Mint
Top 10 AL Fakher Flavours Review & Buying Guide | Shisha World

In their series of dual fruit and mint flavour versions, the AL-Fakher Double Apple with Mint Flavor stays among the most sought after by consumers worldwide. It is a mix of the double grape as well as a touch of mint in the background.

This makes it one of the sweetest tastes on our checklist as a result of the rich grape preference left behind when smoking hookah shisha. The light mint enhances the grapefruit taste lessening the instances of coughing, which prevails in other mint flavours.


There are a couple of negative views regarding this specific taste. It is not the best choice for consumers searching for a rich mint preference in a fruit-based taste.

3. AL Fakher Pure Mint

Al-Fakher Pure Mint
Top 10 AL Fakher Flavours Review & Buying Guide | Shisha World

For hookah smokers wanting to smoke a simply mint flavour without any fruit mix enhancements, then the AL-Fakher non-tobacco Mint Taste is an optimal option. It contains 100% mint leaves flavour without added combinations.

It is likewise smooth and rich in preference, making it the most usual flavour that can be mixed with other fruit and also flower flavours. However, it is an abundant taste worth considering prior to moving on to other mint tastes readily available in the market.


The AL Fakher Mint shisha is not a suitable alternative for smokers looking to get high or really feel the buzz related to shisha given that it has no tobacco. According to customer reviews, the taste causes wheezing, specifically in brand-new mint smokers.

4. AL Fakher (Bubble Gum)

Al Fakher (Bubble Gum)
Top 10 AL Fakher Flavours Review & Buying Guide | Shisha World

The AL Fakher non-tobacco bubblegum flavour is the ideal preference to supply a newbie. The abundant and exciting preference makes newbies like shisha smoking practically quickly hence the various positive reception by consumers.

One of the most exceptional elements of the taste is the wonderful taste of numerous fruit blends and the simplicity of smoking. It is likewise among minority flavours that can be smoked for a very long time without the demand to include even more taste to the hookah. Even more, the bubblegum flavour produces a thick cloud of smoke, making it excellent for cloud and also ring blowing.


This is, nonetheless, lighter than others and is therefore not the best for ring blowers, vapers, or mint-based flavour fanatics.

5. AL Fakher Jasmine Flavour

Al-Fakher Jasmine Flavour
Top 10 AL Fakher Flavours Review & Buying Guide | Shisha World

Shisha enthusiasts who prefer flower-based tastes to fruit-based flavours will certainly locate Jasmine Flavor quite exciting. The flavour stands out from the various other flower-based tastes by AL Fakher as a result of its rich fragrance and enchanting preference. According to testimonials from a variety of authority sites, the taste is relatively lighter than the majority of other AL Fakher flavours.

This makes it optimal for consumers seeking a sweet-tasting flavour with light smoke yet abundant in taste. It is light enough to alleviate circumstances of choking when smoking cigarettes. As a result of the natural scent generated by jasmine, the taste is rather strong.


As a result of its agility, the tastes melt quicker than other options. Even more, its lightness makes it an incorrect choice for hookah shisha smokers looking for an overcast flavour efficient in producing smoke rings.

6. AL Fakher Cola Flavour

Al Fakher Cola Flavour
Top 10 AL Fakher Flavours Review & Buying Guide | Shisha World

The AL Fakher Cola Flavour is just one of the items that make the business one of the most vibrant in connection with flavour production. The flavour is one of the sweetest as well as wealthiest in preference, making it a preference for numerous smokers, both experienced and newbies.

Much like the normal preference of soda from the Coca-Cola drink, the taste leaves a rejuvenating and enchanting taste in your mouth each time it is inhaled and exhale. Because of the frequency of the Coca-Cola drink, many customers locate the flavour rather comfortable and worth trying. It likewise makes it an optimal option for novices.


It produces heavy smoke and thus burns reasonably quicker than most other flavours. However, the AL Fakher Soda Pop is not an excellent selection for a person looking to mix it with various other AL Fakher flavours due to its special preference and odour.

7. AL Fakher Vanilla

Al-Fakher Vanilla
Top 10 AL Fakher Flavours Review & Buying Guide | Shisha World

If you are a fan of vanilla, whether in ice cream, milk, etc., then you will certainly enjoy this AL Fakher tobacco flavour. The taste preferences like the standard vanilla and leave a sweet taste during usage. Many people are currently conversant with vanilla taste, which makes it comfortable as well as pleasant to numerous users.

The flavour is also fairly dense and burns fairly slower than most various other AL Fakher flavours. In spite of the density of the smoke, the flavour does not create wheezing unless inhaled in immense amounts. It is additionally suitable for smokers looking for a flavour for vaping or smoke-ring blowing.


It is not a perfect taste for mixes considering that the vanilla aroma is quickly controlled by various other stronger AL Fakher flavours.

8. AL Fakher Apricot

Al-Fakher Apricot
Top 10 AL Fakher Flavours Review & Buying Guide | Shisha World

The AL Fakher Apricot flavour is worth taking into consideration specifically if taste and buzz are what you are seeking in a hookah taste. It creates a few of the richest aromas of apricot fruit taste while leaving behind a smooth and wonderful taste. Although numerous consumers liken the scent to that of the Peach Taste, there is a clear distinction between both.

The smoke is fairly smoother than various other fruit tastes like orange and also peach. As a result of this, it burns fairly slower than various other alternatives, with very few circumstances of coughing.


The taste’s lightness makes it an incorrect choice for smokers searching for an overcast taste with the ability to generate smoke rings.

9. AL Fakher Cappuccino

Al-Fakher Cappuccino
Top 10 AL Fakher Flavours Review & Buying Guide | Shisha World

If you are a coffee lover, you will absolutely love the Coffee Taste. Just as the name suggests, the taste features a strong as well as a pleasant fragrance that accompanies the routine cappuccino at Starbucks. The taste is strong and also sweet as contrasted to the other readily available alternatives.

The smoke is smooth and does not choke unless for newbies. Additionally, the after-taste is pleasant and thrilling, leaving the consumer with relatively fresher breath.


According to consumer beliefs, the AL Fakher 250g Coffee Flavour is best smoked solely, without combining with other tastes. This is since the taste is quite solid and might not blend well with lighter options.

10. AL Fakher Herbal Mix

Al-Fakher Herbal Mix
Top 10 AL Fakher Flavours Review & Buying Guide | Shisha World

For shisha lovers looking for a healthier choice, the AL Fakher Herbal Shisha bundle deserves consideration. The bundle has an array of various organic flavours including fresh mint, apple, strawberry, lemon, grape, peach, increased, orange, dual apple, and watermelon.

The flavours are not just yummy and refreshing yet additionally relatively safer than various other choices readily available in the marketplace. The various tastes to pick from in the bundle offers the individual the liberty to blend different flavours and create a special mix.

Mint lovers particularly have the chance to blend different fruit flavours with the mint without always acquiring a specific mint and fruit flavour mix. Additionally, those that do not expensive mint, perhaps because of coughing, can smoke the other flavours conveniently. All the flavours had in the bundle are processed with precision to leave you with an abundant and smooth taste whenever you smoke shisha.


The AL Fakher Herbal Shisha Hookah Non-Tobacco, nevertheless, is not the optimal option for smokers seeking a buzz because they are both non-tobacco and also natural flavours.

How To Pack AL Fakher?

The method of packaging and filling AL Fakher flavours differs with the choices of the consumer. Packing figures out the comfortability and easiness of your hookah experience irrespective of the kind of flavour. The most optimal means of packing or packing shisha is by doing so in light quantities.

A significant quantity of taste burns smoothly and also uniformly, breaking down a strong cloud of smoke, a solid fragrance, and a rich taste.

  • It is prudent to stay clear of packing excessive flavour since it may burn erratically and lead to an unenjoyable hookah experience.
  • The lighter the packaging/loading, the far better your hookah experience becomes.
  • Likewise, keep in mind to make use of the best burning charcoal to assure even and full burning of the flavour when smoking shisha.

AL Fakher produces the best results when using a normal pack in a phunnel bowl but also does well in an Egyptian clay bowl. Always mix up your tobacco to redistribute the juices throughout the blend and then sprinkle it in producing a fluff pack and lightly pat down until all stray leaves are smoothed out and it reaches the edge of the rim.

Sight foil contact is fine just don’t overdo it and make sure the holes are not too excessive or too large as to not burn the tobacco. You can start hitting it directly after putting on the coals as AL Fakher gets going quick but it is recommended to start with 2-3 hookah coals depending on the size of the hookah bowl you are using and work your way up if you want more heat; just keep in mind that too much heat can make it turn harsh.

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