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Beginner’s Guide Of Shisha Coal: Upgrade Your Smoking Experience In 2021

As you may know, there are two things that matter the most if you’re eager for a fantastic hookah experience– the tobacco as well as the coal. The shisha coal can make or break your session. Using bad coal can totally ruin your smoking experience, it can kill the flavour pretty negative. So, today I’m going to present shisha coal to you and also make you recognize much more regarding it. Here we go!

Shisha Coal

What Is Shisha Coal?

There are 2 various sorts of shisha coal available in today’s market, quick light coals as well as natural charcoal, both have various usages. Natural charcoals are made use of to enjoy a longer session and it is the cleanest means to smoke shisha. On the other hand, you have quick light charcoal that is made use of for newbies who are just discovering how to properly load shisha or for emergency situations at times when you do not have a way to light the all-natural coals.

What Is Shisha Coal Made Of?

The majority of shisha coals are made from coconut husk, although there are lesser-known natural timber coals made from bamboo, orangewood, or lemonwood. Coconut coals shed much longer, have less effect on the flavour of your shisha, and also are made with natural active ingredients. They typically make for a more pleasant smoking experience and present many other unforeseen advantages.

Coconut Shisha Coal


  • Due to the lack of accelerants, they burn longer (approx. 45-60 minutes per coal).
  • They burn at a more steady temperature than quick lighting coals providing an even heat throughout the session.
  • Since they burn longer, you will use fewer coals per smoke session, saving you money in the long term.
  • They tend to have a less intrusive flavour because they include primarily natural ingredients. These are the best coals if you don’t want them to affect the taste of your shisha.
  • Since natural coals are denser, the ash it produces is far less powdery (less mess!).
  • Natural coals come in a variety of shapes and sizes which allows you to choose the size and shape that fits your smoking preference.
  • Natural coals are recommended for use with heat management devices.


  • To heat natural coals, you will need some type of Electric Coil Heater. Your lighter will not do the trick.
  • At 5-10 minutes per coal, it takes a bit longer to light natural coals.

How To Light Shisha Coal?

The best way to light shisha coal is on a single coil burner or an electric stove with an exposed heating coil.

  • Place the shisha coal directly onto the burner either close together or touching
  • Turn the heat to the highest setting
  • Let them heat up for about 4-5 minutes on one side (Heating times may vary)
  • Flip the coals
  • Let them heat on the other side for another 1-2 minutes (Heating times may vary)
  • When they are red-hot and glowing, then they are ready to be placed on the hookah
Lighting Shisha Coal

When Is Shisha Coal Ready?

To light shisha coal, they require to be revealed to high heat for an extended amount of time. This typically implies a coil or gas cooktop. I suppose if you had five or six cigarette lighters and a lot of patience, you could light natural coals that way, but I wouldn’t recommend it.

Most pick the coil stove option because economical portable coil burners are conveniently available. To light your natural coals on a coil cooktop, place your coals straight on the coil. Turn the heater on as high as it will go. Leave the coals alone for 8– 12 mins. Once the coals have actually ashed over (turned light grey on the outside), they are ready to use. You may speed up the lighting process a little by flipping the coals over after about 5 minutes. When the coals are completely lit, place them in your coal carrier (or small fry pan) and also bring them to your hookah.

If you have a gas range, you will require to put the coals in the flame. The process will certainly take about as long as a coil cooktop. The process is virtually the like a coal stove but beware, with gas burners, the ash produced throughout lighting can clog your gas lines. So see to it you recognize where the ash is falling to avoid damaging your equipment.

How Long Does Shisha Coal Last?

Usually, one good session of smoking will require between three or four natural coals, depending on how hot you like your smoke. Another factor to consider is the shape of your natural coals. Cubes will generally last for an hour, while flats will start dying out in 30-45 minutes.

If you want to experience smoking before buying shisha coal, I have some good shisha bars recommend to you!

What Is The Best Shisha Coal?

After searching for many different shisha coals, we presented here the best of the best that is definitely worth buying, so take a look.

Coco Nara

Coco Nara is made of pressed coconut coverings. As soon as you start lighting these coals on your gas range or electric heater, it uses up to 5-8 mins to burn and radiance red. It is unsavoury as well as maintains your incense preference. Lasts approximately 1 and half hour. Allow us to inform you regarding some specifications/features of this item. It does not include sulphur and leaves less than 5% ash. It does not produce any kind of spark as well as burns perfectly. It is economical as well as eco-friendly. Once again worth of cash product.

Shisha Coal Coco Nara

Red Cube

This is high-grade coal for hookah as well as made from coconut husk. So, It is eco-friendly as well as additionally chemical-free. Allow’s see some specifications of coconut hookah shisha charcoal. It is electric, Does not create any odour, and also no trigger likewise. Non-toxic, very easy to light, and also a much longer melting time. It has a marginal ash deposit and premium burning time. It contains very few percentages of moisture.

Comes in a cubical shape which is again very attractive. Its name itself is red cube because after getting hot this cube-shaped coal really looks like a red hot cube.

Shisha Coal Red Cube

Titanium Coconut Shell Hookah Coals

These coals are constructed from 100% all-natural compressed coconut coverings. Titanium is called among the most effective brand names for hookah coals. Titanium charcoals are merely balanced, It is much less permeable, Which brings about longer burns in reduced temperature levels. It results in the best testing bowls. Interestingly, when you’ll put off the ash then you’ll locate it is lesser in quantity than other coals produce.

It lasts up to 45 minutes to an hour generally. While lightning it won’t smell much like other coals do. It won’t take away your actual flavour of tobacco. This is a buy once and again kind of coal.

Titanium Coconut Shell Shisha Coals


Narine coals are pretty new on the market, but yet I would say the biggest competitor to Coco Nara. Its burning time is greater than one and a half hours and does not produce any kind of odour. It gets lighten easily and burns nicely. This is definitely worth a money product. It gives you a better quality product at a lesser price.

The one the cube shape but they’re also available in a flat cube, hexagon, and quarter-circle shape. It is dense charcoal with slow-burning and minimal smoking.

Narin Coal

Black Diamond Natural Hookah Charcoal

This is a purely natural item constructed from a 100% all-natural coconut shell. It is big cube-shaped hookah charcoal that burns hotter, durable, and also creates less amount of ash. As we claimed it is all-natural, so it does not contain glues, fillers, or nitrates. The item is environmentally friendly as well as does not contain any kind of pesticides or repellents. It will not leave any type of sort of charcoal taste.

Black Diamond Natural Shisha Charcoal

The above products are my recommendation. Of course, a good shisha smoking experience does not only rely on coal. It also depends on the flavour of shisha tobacco, shisha pipe and shisha bowl. At the same time, it is also very important that your shisha is cleaned properly. You can also find more knowledge about hookah on our website.

By the way, if you like our article, please bookmark it and share it with your friends. If you have any advice or idea about shisha coals, please leave a comment and let us know by return, we will check it in time and make adjustments to ensure that we provide you with better content.

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