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Smoking Shisha: How To Prevent Hookah From Overheating

Smoking Shisha: How To Prevent Hookah From Overheating

Hookah overheating is a major problem for many hookah smokers in smoking shisha. When your hookah bowls obtain overheated, it may end up burning your preferred hookah that you have actually crammed in it as well as the tastes obtain harsh.

This is a severe accident that commonly ruins the smoke session, yet you can easily prevent this from taking place. Today we’re going to discuss how to prevent hookah from overheating. Let’s start by understanding the basic principles of hookah overheating.

Smoking Shisha: How Do You Know When Hookah Overheats?

To begin with, it may not be noticeable when your hookah is about to overheat. Sure you can identify a burned hookah, yet exactly how do you avoid it in the early stages? Typically when flavour comes to be modified from the initial taste, it is an indication that hookah starts to melt. It would give some sour preference prior to it offers a burnt taste. You want your hookah tobacco to boil inside of the dish to get the smoke out of it. If excess warmth is applied then tobacco starts to shed, which provides severe flavour.

Smoking Shisha: How To Prevent It From Burning?

To avoid hookah from shedding you want to maintain the warmth at a level where it steams. To make it steam inside of the juice, you intend to load it rather loose so the warm covers each and every single tobacco leaf within the bowl. Airflow cools down the bowl on inhale.

If it is left ignored the bowl gets too hot well as to cool it down you will have to burn out the bowl couple of times and do long constant puffs to get as much air travel through the bowl without overheating it. You can likewise take charcoals off to cool it down and make a couple of puffs on your hookah. This need to bring the temperature level down and allow you to reanimate your session. Most of the times this aids.

Smoking Shisha: Focus On Heat Management

To heat or not to heat depends on the type of tobacco. If you smoking a stronger type over tobacco, I would suggest you leave the heat management unit alone, don’t overheat it, don’t heat it up, But if you smoking something on a medium side, go for it.

We put the heat management on top but not the charcoals, yet that is to get the bowl to heat it up a little bit well wait for the charcoals. We put three charcoals on top of it. The reason we put three coals in is to make the bowl heat up faster. And then once it heats it up, we’re basically taking one-off that prevents it from overheating.

Smoking Shisha Heat Management

It is best if we wait three to four minutes for smoking shisha. When it heats up for at least three minutes that way you get the smoke the flavour is good and it’s not harsh.

Before you start smoking shisha, try to see if the bottom of the bowl is hot or not that basically indicates that your bowl is ready. You might want to wait because the hookah is not ready. If you start smoking shisha at early on the earliest stages when your hookah is not ready, your session is going to be shorter. Think of it as a steak, if you undercook it, it’s not going to be as good. If you overcook it, it’s not going to be good.

Some Answers To Questions About Smoking Shisha

How Do You Understand It’s All Ready?

Make sure your hookah is ready, you want to blow out and if you see smoke coming up that means your bowl is ready.

Smoking Shisha Smoke

Is There A Particular Way To Start Your Hookah?

I would suggest going steady and deep, don’t rush it and don’t do anything. Just try not to inhale it fast, because that way you’re applying a lot of heat and your tobacco will get burned faster. Do a steady long puff.

What’s The Next Step After You Took First Couple Puffs?

Just take off your lid if you like stronger hookahs, leave the charcoal on. But I would say after 15 minutes your hookah would start overheating, so you might want to take it off eventually. What you want to do is take off the charcoal. If you start feeling like you know some harsh flavour or it gets sour a bit, you do a few puffs without the heat management unit and then put it back in. That cools it down.

The Reasons Why Cooker Burns Up: 

  • You are playing way too many charcoals on top of it.
  •  You put way too much tobacco inside of it.
  • You are not pulling properly, it can also overheat the hookah.

Those are the three main reasons to avoid that. I would say use 3/4 charcoals at most to start, and just leave to after a while, leave some space between tobacco and foil or heat management unit and do a long and steady puff.

Smoking Shisha: How To Smoke Shisha With Better Taste?

You have already learnt how to prevent your hookah from overheating, on the other hand, you can also learn how to get a better taste from smoking shisha.

1. Do Not Maintain Tobacco Near Coal

Do not subject your shisha tobacco to burning charcoal when cigarette smoking. When the charcoal is available in contact with tobacco, the warmth denatures the cigarette and also ruins its preference. You are most likely to feel a distinctive burnt flavour if this occurs.

2. The Deeper The Bowl The Better

If the bowl is deep, the much better it is for airflow. There may be enough tobacco to create a pillow of air in between the charcoal and also the tobacco.

3. Let The Tobacco Rest For A While

Place the tobacco on a surface area for regarding 20-30 minutes prior to putting it in the bowl. This is to help the tobacco to adjust to being unpacked. Spray on a piece of paper, available to the ambient air and afterwards place it in a bowl. This is sometimes called acclimatization. It is done to give the tobacco a more powerful taste since the substance is stabilized with the outdoors temperature level.

4. Sprinkle The Tobacco

Spray the tobacco instead of using it in its entirety piece. Sprinkling tobacco in a bowl boosts the opportunities of hitting the coal. The result is a denser tobacco leaf with a stronger taste and flavour.

5. Use Small Holes

Pick numerous small holes instead of big ones. Rather than making large holes on the aluminium foil sheet, usage simple needles or nails to punch numerous tiny openings externally of the foil. It permits extra air to pass through, as well as also uniformly disperses warmth.

6. Relocate The Coal

Relocate the charcoal on the surface of the foil or bowl at normal intervals of 5 to 10 mins. This exposes various areas of your flavoured tobacco to warmth and also will result in longer sessions, and a more powerful, extra fulfilling preference. Additionally, when the coal is in the exact same place, the charcoal will melt quick, as well as there will certainly be a lot more cigarette left “unused.” This will certainly end up being tasteless eventually of smoking shisha.

7. Clean The Hookah

Ensure to clean hookah parts on a regular basis. Cleansing is not always enjoyable and also takes a great deal of time, but it aids a good deal especially if you use strong tastes such as mints, citrus fruits, and also shed impacts. Clean not just the bowls and also glass pieces, yet also the hoses too. You can acquire lengthy unique slim brushes developed for this job. Keep in mind: If the filter sphere is metal, do not let it go in the water.

8. Replace The Hose

Different tubes will obtain different preferences as well as flavours. A tough natural leather hose pipe will absorb a great deal of smoke, A light one cools the smoke better, and also one with steel touches improves the flavour. Obtain different hookah hose pipes and also try them out to find the one that functions finest for you.

9. Reduce The Quantity of Coal

The even more coal there is the extra smoke. This does not necessarily equate to a great hookah session. Several hookah locations recommend adding much more coal to produce more smoke, which is true. The issue is that this technique has its repercussions: The, even more, coal, the greater the danger of the tobacco getting shed. Less coal is perfect.

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