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Shisha Troubleshooting For Best Shisha Flavours

Shisha Troubleshooting: Preserve The Best Shisha Flavours

Smoking Shisha is one of our most popular vaping. Because of the hookah design, many of the components rely on being airtight and snug when connected. Therefore, sometimes get some questions about the influence of shisha flavours. So how does the Shisha Trouble Shooting when we are using it? Read each hookah tip one by one and compare it to how you build your hookah session to see what’s going wrong.

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Why Is My Shisha Flavours Burning My Throat?

There is a lot that goes into building a quality hookah session. From how the hookah charcoal is used to how you pack shisha tobacco, prepare hookah foil, and how you fill the vase. Chances are, there could be several reasons your hookah isn’t smoking right. Or, maybe it’s just one. Read each hookah tip one by one, compare it to how you build your hookah session and why the shisha flavours taste burnt to see what’s going wrong.

  1. Too much heat

The most likely reason for the burnt taste is that you have too much heat on your hookah bowl. Remove some charcoal as well as give it a min to cool. If it’s been greater than 30-40 mins of severe smoke before you attempt to make this modification and it still tastes burnt, that could imply you burnt the cigarette and also will certainly have to re-pack a new bowl.

A good rule of thumb, start your session with three natural charcoal cubes and give the bowl at least 5 minutes to warm-up prior before taking the first puff. Once the clouds are really flowing, take one coal off so the shisha doesn’t overheat. Or, start with 2 coals and let the bowl heat longer before starting to smoke. Two coals make for a quality session. Place your charcoal closer to the edges of the bowl and rotate them around the bowl every 10-15 minutes to avoid hotspots. Too much heat in one spot for too long can burn your shisha and affect your shisha flavours. For smoking hookah with foil, here is some information for you to review.

2. Charcoal Position

When you’re utilizing aluminium foil as a barrier between the bowl and also hookah tobacco, if you’re starting the session off with the charcoal pieces directly in the centre, there is a good chance your bowl will heat up to fast and cause a burnt taste. It’s always recommended that you initially place your charcoal pieces on the outer edge of the bowl. Depending on how much heat you want in the session will determine how close you move the charcoal pieces towards the middle.

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3. Too much shisha

Packing even more shisha tobacco right into your bowl will certainly not result in larger clouds or even more shisha flavours, it does the complete reverse as well as won’t taste fantastic. You can add more for slightly stronger shisha flavours but you shouldn’t apply a heavy amount of pressure to fill the bowl because air needs to pass in between the tobacco in order to smoke properly. When the heated air can’t make its way through the tobacco, it will char the area where it’s stuck and result in a burnt or char taste which is affecting your shisha flavours taste.

4. Less water in the hookah base

If your smoke is severe, it might be due to the fact that you don’t have enough water in the base. The hookah demands enough water to cool down and also filter the smoke making it smoother to inhale. Too little water and each puff can be harsh in the back of your throat. Add water until the hookah stem is one (1”) to one and a half (1.5”) inches submerged. This is the ideal water level for an enjoyable hookah session.

5. Wrong shisha tobacco

Choosing the right shisha tobacco will greatly enhance your experience. When the heated air through the tobacco,if you choose the wrong tobacco the result is a burnt taste. For more information about choosing shisha flavours, please visit our website ‘shisha world’ for more details or you can mix some shisha flavours to improve your experience.

Why Is My Shisha Not Smoking?

Few different factors can cause your shisha not to smoke well. Check your device according to the following reasons.

  1. Check your shisha sealed

First and foremost, Is your hookah well sealed? Check your hookah over for leaks. If air is entering your hookah someplace that isn’t your bowl after that you are going to get slim smoke. Fresh air is getting blended into the system as well as diluting the smoke.

Secondly, airflow over the coals won’t be enough to heat them up. That means less heat for the tobacco and less smoke overall.

Hose, base and bowl where is you find the most common leaks. Make sure they are all seated well and making good contact with the parts of your hookah. If you can not get a limited fit you can use up space by wrapping the grommet in a little electric tape. You can even utilize electric tape to make a grommet in a pinch. Do not utilize this for a bowl grommet.

The warm may thaw the glue or rubber and also degrade the seal, include off shisha flavours or even taint the smoke with horrible chemicals. Damp paper towels can be made use of in a similar way and make a terrific seal. Just make sure you don’t pick up your hookah by the stem. The seal is good but it’s not strong and that’s a shisha flavours recipe for a shattered base.

2. Check the purge

If the purge valve is stuck open you usually just have to tap the purge valve cap on a hard surface and the ball bearing should drop out. Then you ought to soak the cap and also round bearing in a cleaner to ensure that it will not take place once again. Adding a drop of olive oil to the purge valve can help prevent this in the future. Don’t use canola oil as it will gum up and eventually cause the purge to stick more often.

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3. Look for cracks or holes

There may be a crack or hole in your hookah. Check the hose by plugging one end and drawing through. If it does not hold suction then there is a hole in the hose and you found your problem. Obtain a brand-new pipe or find the leak and try to repair it with hot adhesive. Check the stem in the same way. A crack in the stem might be fixable with some J-B Weld but you need to be sure to let the fix set for many days and clean it out to make sure that you are not inhaling any nasty chemicals.

4. Check your heat

A lot of individuals are under the false presumption that hookah coals are made so you just need to light one, put it on the bowl and it will be perfect. Read our Hookah Heat Management article to make sure you’re using the right amount of heat for your bowl and tobacco combination.

5. Check your tobacco old or dry

The bad shisha tobacco has no shisha flavours at all! If you are smoking that pack of tobacco you bought from the gas station, the one the attendant forget about and had to dig out from under a foot of human filth soot, then you probably shouldn’t expect storm clouds. Ditch the old waste as well as acquire some fresh shisha tobacco. Locate a genuine tobacconist, hookah store or online seller that offers fresh items.

Why Is My Shisha Flavour Harsh?

This can happen when:

  • The top layer of tobacco in bowl touches the foil
  • Excessive heat from the coals.

If you put too much tobacco and there is no space between tobacco and foil (or heat control device), then you will certainly melt the top layer of the cigarette, which will impact the shisha flavours taste. Remove the foil and get the excess quantity of tobacco. Lay tobacco in such a way, that it is not touching the aluminium foil. Close the bowl with foil again. After that you can continue to smoke, forgetting that the hookah was harsh five minutes ago.

If the amount of tobacco is ok, then the second most common reason why hookah burning is excessive heat from coal. When done in time, it is enough to perform the following steps:

  • Remove the coals from the bowl
  • Take the bowl off (but be careful when doing this because the bowl is extremely hot)
  • Blow through the bottom of the bowl to cool the bowl down
  • Put it back on the hookah and start smoking again
  • Change the position of charcoal from time to time in a different area of the bowl.
  • Don’t leave hookah with charcoals on top for more than 3 minutes without smoking.
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Why Does My Shisha Flavours Choke?

When the heated air can’t make its way through the shisha tobacco, it will char the area where it’s stuck and result in a chock. There are several shisha flavours to choose from that all have unique ways of prep work however a great guideline for your first session with any type of bowl is a simple spray fill.

Nowadays there are many great shisha lounges and hookah bars to be found in major Australian cities including Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, and the Gold Coast. If you want to discuss shisha flavours or taste them with other people, you are welcome to visit ‘shisha bar near me‘ for more information about the places.

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