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Shisha Smoke: Only Take 3 Things To Make Bigger Clouds

Shisha Smoke: Only Take 3 Things To Make Bigger Clouds

Today we’re going to talk something about shisha smoke – how to make big clouds. When you want to get those big nice fluffy juicy clouds, you only need to worry about three things. The first thing is airflow, the second will be heat management and the third will be your techniques of inhaling and exhaling.

Shisha Smoke – Pack The Bowl

The first thing we do for shisha smoke is packing bowls. We’re going to be using Serbetli and blown tobacco. We can see a hole in the middle of the bowl, that is the funnel. If the funnel is very thin, you will get not enough airflow. So just to give you an example with this bowl, right here as you can see this bowl has a very tight hole in the middle.

Shisha Smoke Bowl
Shisha Smoke: Only Take 3 Things To Make Bigger Clouds | Shisha World

For the airflow, it is going to be a part because you have to inhale. There will be a little difficulty. When you have a bowl like this (see the picture below), you can get airflow perfectly.

Shisha Smoke Bowl Hole

Now go ahead and start packing this tobacco. We finished back in the bowl so we use the blown tobacco from Serbetli, a nice fluff. There’s a flock back because we want nice good airflow. If the tobacco is very thick then we would actually use scissors and we’ll cut it over finer, then you can get better airflow.

Recommend Not To Dry The Tobacco

Some people there’s a bit of debate going on some people like to dry the tobacco, other people say no. I recommend not to join, especially using a funnel ball. There’s no need to dry now in some cases wherein the tobacco is very juicy. What I would recommend it’s like squeeze out a little bit of the juice and actually use that juice in the bottom. From the bottom, you know you don’t want to get rid of all the juices, but if it’s just the antic juice, there’s no need to use a napkin and dry it out. I always recommend phunnel bowls, they’re my favourite. You don’t have to but that’s my recommendation.

Shisha Smoke – Heat Management

We got the bowl ready and the airflow is nice, it’s all packed now. When we start smoking, we first need to stay hydrated. We have three coals on each bowl, sometimes we thought you can put four goals to keep heat up. The process a little quicker and then if it gets too hot, I’ll take out a lump of coal. Anytime you see that your smoke is not relieved then you know if it needs a lump of extra coal. You can just throw in a lump of extra coal in there and that might help the process.

We got the coals already heated up, another thing we have to talk about is water. Make sure your water level is usually between one to one and a half an inch shift. Some people like to smoke restricted but you want big clouds better and you have an open drop it.

Water Should Be Cold

A lot of people tend to put ice in there, it’s good I recommend it in a way. Because when you got warm air coming down, you want to hit it with cold water, just because that actually makes it into vapour. The warm air and cold water, you actually get what happens is that this smoke actually contracting so you get denser clouds. If you have bad weather, like a storm or something like that, and then you want good results, at least the room temperature should hold so you can have fluffy clouds.

Shisha Smoke – Airflow

You can not develop large clouds if you have a hookah that restricts air movement. To begin with, you require a bowl that has a significant funnel. The hole can not be small. If you can not have enough airflow down with the bowl, then the stem, onto the base, and finally up the hose, then you can never ever develop large clouds. The clouds would come if there suffices air.

For this reason, the hookah version or its numerous physical qualities play a critical duty. Select a hookah that enables sufficient air to go through the funnel of the dowl, the stem, down shaft, the base, and also the pipe. The mouthpiece ought to additionally be large. Do not select any type of component in a hookah consisting of the pipe and also the mouthpiece that would rigorously restrict airflow.

Shisha Smoke –  Techniques Of Inhaling And Exhaling

We went over a little bit of everything that we need are the most important thing is airflow. As long you have good airflow that’s one of the most important things, the heat management is the next. Of course, the practising with inhaling and exhaling, one more thing is purge. When you purge remember in a big and I was telling you the way to purge is you want to do pulses. When you do pulses you pushing the gasses and the heat from the bowl upwards. 

The last thing is actually the inhale in. Make sure you go with a very slow and deep inhale, it has to be even you inhale. You don’t want to do it, ’cause you’re going to start burning it. You don’t want those to get pulses on poles, because that they’ll start heating up the phone real quick he might end up burning though. The tobacco so glad and demonstrate what we do with. These are not with a simple nice even and slowpoke. 

Do Not Put Milk In Your Base

A lot of people like to put the disciplic milk on it. I don’t recommend that just go with water and you can try you know food colouring in there but do not put milk. Milk it’s going to make it harder to clean and also you will feel a lot of bacteria.

Shisha Smoke – Things To Note

People who try hookah for the first time will definitely start with how to smoke shisha or choosing a hookah flavour. And then they will start to make something like shisha smoke, it’s all step by step. The advice to newcomers is that you can first learn about the culture of hookah at the shisha bar or hookah lounge. This site has prepared a detailed hookah lounge experience tutorial for you. And then get a hookah device on your own afterwards. Because I started to learn about hookah from the shisha bar near me, and now I can play new tricks on my own. Everything can not be separated from practice.

Shisha Smoke Cloud

Those that are developing large clouds from your hookah have actually obviously honed your abilities. Anybody who is smoking shisha, for the very first or the nth time, would certainly want to burn out those dense, milklike, and heavy clouds, the ones that do not simply dissipate airborne. However, calm down as well as carefully stray. Whether you are a newbie or an aficionado, you need to bear in mind numerous perfect procedures that you must guarantee to produce large clouds from your hookah.

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