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The Easiest Guide Of Smoking Shisha: How To Smoke Hookah With Foil?

The Easiest Guide Of Smoking Shisha: How To Smoke Hookah With Foil?

Welcome everybody, new and loyal readers! It’s time for Hookah blog for all the crazy smoking shisha fans out there. Today, we will tell you how to smoke Hookah with foil. Well, before we get into the hookah tutorial, let’s tell you why you need it.

Every hookah preparations need a separate layer between the coal and the tobacco. Aluminium foil is the most common cover for hookah bowls. The foil offers mediation between tobacco and the coals used to heat. Okay, let’s get started with today’s tutorial!

Smoking Shisha

To set up hookah we will need:

  • hookah
  • hookah bowl
  • water
  • shisha tobacco
  • foil
  • poker
  • hookah tongs
  • fork
  • hookah coals
  • electric burner

Step 1 For Smoking Shisha

Separate the stem and glass base. While some hookahs have stems that are screwed into the base, others have stems that are attached with a rubber grommet and that you must separate by twisting and pulling.

Step 2 For Smoking Shisha

Fill the glass hookah base with cold water. When reattaching your stem, make sure the bottom of it is not submerged more than 1 – 1.5 inches into the water. The smoke won’t be filtered enough if you do not add a proper amount of water. Then again, if the water is too much, it will be hard to inhale.

Glass-Hookah Base With Cool Water

Step 3 For Smoking Shisha

Place some coals on your electric burner to light them up. We do not recommend using quick lightning coals, as they give your smoke an unpleasant odour. The best choice would be to utilize natural hookah charcoal.

Hookah Coal Burner

Step 4 For Smoking Shisha

When the tobacco leaves are broken down, all you have to do is scoop some hookah tobacco into the bowl with a fork. After your position, your tobacco inside of the bowl need to rearrange it that can lays evenly and the heat gets through all the sides of the bowl simultaneously and evenly. At the same time, try packing it as fluffy as you can so that air can flow through it freely.

Once you get the bowl packed, take a square of aluminium foil from one of our hookah foil packs. All you have to do is wrap the foil over the top so that the surface is tight.

Shisha Tobacco

Step 5 For Smoking Shisha

So the next step requires attention and patience it’s poking holes. Use a toothpick or another small pointed implement to poke a bunch of tiny holes in the foil. When you finish, attach the hookah bowl to the stem, and don’t forget to use a rubber grommet to ensure that it sits airtight.

Poking Holes For Foil

Step 6 For Smoking Shisha

Place the charcoal on the foil by using hookah tongs once the charcoal has thoroughly heated up and is covered by a fine layer of ash. Letting the coal burn some before placing it on the bowl will help prevent contamination by charcoal flavour.

Arrange the coals evenly around the top of the bowl to prevent heat from being distributed unequally, which will heat and burn your tobacco much faster. The more coals you use the more smoke you will get and the fewer coals you use the less smoke you will get. (Note: don’t use too much coal though because you start to get a harsh taste).

The Coals On The Foil

Step 7 For Smoking Shisha

How do you know your bowl is about to get ready? When you blow out, you’ll see a little smoke coming up that means the bowl is ready to start. So we’re definitely gonna take one charcoal off. But please remember to add new red-hot coals as your smoking session goes on to keep the hookah going. If the smoke gets too “ashy or harsh” then possible take off some coal. If you’re not getting enough smoke then add some coal.

Take One Charcoal Off

The flavours are pretty nice and light by using this method. So if you enjoy lighter sessions this is definitely a flavour for you. But if you like stronger hookahs then I would recommend you to mix with dark leaf tobacco or other flavours of hookah shisha like Orange & Pineapple, Strawberry & Mint. If you want to know the details about making shisha flavours, you are welcome to visit our website ‘shisha world‘ to get more information.

Furthermore, Shisha smoking has become trendy lately as a more social form of smoking. This social behaviour makes most people feel very relaxed. Many people use hookah because they want to stay away from cigarettes. At the same time, the lack of nicotine options and various flavours can effectively reduce their dependence on nicotine. If you want to buy some shisha, we have different shisha flavours for you to choose from!

However, if you prefer to try shisha smoking outside. You must be thinking ‘Is any shisha bar near me’? The answer is Yes! We have a list of the best shisha bar, shisha lounge or shisha restaurant on our website, you can check on the above link shown in step 7.

So I hope you enjoyed this reading, it was a real laid back article I just wanted to write something to solve some doubts in readers’ minds. If you like this article, please save it! But, if you think we need to improve something, please write down your comment, and we will make changes to ensure that we can provide you with better content next time!

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