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A Beginner'S Guide Of How To Smoke Shisha

A Beginner’s Guide Of How To Smoke Shisha

How To Smoke Shisha For The First Time

How To Smoke Shisha

Clean Everything!

The initial step for any type of session ought to be a detailed cleaning. Even an all-new hookah shisha ought to be cleaned up to make sure that there is no residual filth or oil from the manufacturing process.

Fill the Vase With Water

  • The water level should be just a little over the bottom of the down stem. I find that a full inch of water over the bottom of the stem is enough.
  • You can add ice for a cooler smoke, but it reduces flavor. This is a great option for the summer.

Place the Grommet on the Stem

The grommets are essential to the function of shisha as they keep everything airtight. If the rig has a leak then fresh air will get into your smoke and make it thin.

Place Stem In The Vase And The Tray On The Shisha

  • Obtaining the vase and also stem together. The tray sits on top of the stem and also captures dropping ash/charcoal, sustains the wind cover, gives you a location to ash your coals, and also can hold your tongs.
  • Make sure that the tray remains in place prior to the bowl takes place due to the fact that many trays can’t fit over a bowl.

Put The Hose In The Hose Port

  • Insert the hose grommet into the port and follow it with the short end of the hose.
  • Some shisha has more than one hose port. If some of the hose ports are not being used they will need to be plugged with a rubber stopper, available at most shops. Many modern style shisha has auto seal ports which make stoppers unnecessary.

Pack the bowl with tobacco

How To Smoke Shisha-Tobacco

This is the most important step to ensure a smooth smoking experience:

  • Initially, mix your tobacco completely. You desire every bit of the shisha tobacco entering into the bowl to be equally coated in flavor as well as molasses. The liquid clears up out in storage space advertisement you can wind up with a dry and heat-sensitive session.
  • Just how firmly you pack the tobacco depends heavily on the design of the bowl as well as the type of tobacco you are making use of. As a basic rule of thumb, it’s best to fluff up the tobacco and also drop it freely into the bowl after that press gently.
  • Keep a minimum of 2 millimeters of range between the top of the shisha as well as the bottom of the foil. This quits the tobacco from sticking to the foil when is burned which might add an off flavor to your smoke harm your lungs and wreck your session.

Place the Aluminum Foil onto the Bowl

  • Take a square of aluminum foil huge sufficient to cover the top of the bowl as well as provide you with two inches of coverage beyond that. It will certainly create a good seal as well as grasp the bowl firmly to prevent sagging.
  • For a typical Egyptian bowl just start with a circle around the edge of the bowl as well as spiral inward.
  • Funnel-style bowls advantage substantially from 3 concentric rings of openings. One around the edge, one around the spire, as well as one in between those two.
  • The more holes you put do not always mean more smoke. It simply implies even more air circulation and even more direct heat from the coals reaching the tobacco. You need to strike an equilibrium between the holes, coal, as well as kind of tobacco to get the ideal quantity as well as density of smoke.
  • Be careful not to shred the foil. Utilizing something with a sharp point to poke openings will aid avoid this.

Light coals and put them on the bowl

How To Smoke Shisha-Coal
  • For fast light coal individuals: generally, you’ll be lighting this coal with a lighter or match. Beginning by utilizing the tongs to hold the coal, ideally someplace far away from any other individuals or anything combustible.
  • Light the coal with your lighter of choice by holding the flame to one edge of the coal. Wait on the coal to begin gleaming and also producing smoke and pull the flame away.
  • Never light the coal on top of the bowl. This will certainly cause accelerant particles to get into the bowl as well as alter the taste of the tobacco.

How To Smoke Shisha Without Coughing


Avoid quick light coals, those circle coals that use lighter to light up. Avoid them at all cost, get coconuts coals, or even natural coals are better( made from orange or lemon tree wood or other trees in the shisha world)


Smoke inhalation dehydrates your body, which exacerbates a chronic cough By drinking more water, you’ll be counteracting the effects that constant smoking can have on the body. It’s not a complete antidote to smokers cough, but plain old water is the first step in that direction.


Gartner suggests that vaporizers may be a cleaner alternative to smoking marijuana. Vaporizers work differently than traditional blunts, bongs, and bowls. They burn the material at a lower temperature, resulting in a less cough-provoking gas or vapor. This is easier on the lungs because it doesn’t require combustion, which means fewer toxins entering the lungs

How To Smoke Shisha Without Getting Dizzy


The first tip is to stay hydrated before and during your shisha session. You should keep in mind not to walk into your shisha session already be hydrated because most likely you will get lightheaded.


As carbon monoxide builds up in your bloodstream your brain gets cranky and dizzy. And all that carbon monoxide is in the room your sitting in, not just the shisha. And it is heavier than air so it will displace the air in your lungs and just chill prevent that feeling you need to make sure your area is ventilated and take some oxygen here.

  • Avoid strong shisha, some brands aren’t meant for first-time smokers, start with Mazaya, Serbetli, Starbuzz, and Fumari.

How To Get More Smoke From Shisha

1. Make sure your shisha is air-tight! Inspect the hose, dish, and also base, if you hear air coming through when smoking cigarettes, you have to fix it.

2. Sensibly, The even more charcoals or the warmer supplied to the shisha, the even more smoke that will certainly be created, but you wish to do this while maintaining your shisha smooth, that is the technique. 

3. Poking more and larger holes into the tin foil on the shisha bowl will allow for more heat to be supplied to the shisha, allowing for it to burn faster, making the clouds thicker bigger, and tastier.

4. The quantity of water you position in your base will certainly also have an effect on just how smooth your shisha is, so if you wish to have big clouds it is recommended you make use of extra water. Various other fluids can likewise aid smooth out the smoke, such as milk, ice water, or teas.

How To Smoke Shisha Reddit

There is a lot of experiences sharing about hookah shisha on,you can get a lot of information on it.

For example

Q: I tried hookah shisha for the first time…I don’t know how to smoke shisha. It was fun but towards the end, I started to feel a little nauseous but I going hard at it. Anyone else felt the same way before?

A: About how to smoke shisha for the first time. When I first started smoking was buy a bunch of 50g tubs of various brands to find out what I like and don’t like. It’s a great hobby, I’m glad you enjoyed it though! It’s common to feel like that your first time. Don’t listen to mainstream media as many have mentioned, the tests the CDC conducted were with the coal directly on the hookah shisha, burning the hookah shisha which is not how 99.99 percent of people smoke it. Most of us use foil, which is like vaporizing the hookah shisha instead of burning it.

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