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The Hookah Flavours Menu In 2021: How To Make Tobacco Free Shisha?

With the advent of hookah, people are more and more enthusiastic about making hookah tobacco at home to meet their own taste needs. Inside most people’s perceptions, shisha tobacco is supposed to contain tobacco. But do you know how to make tobacco free shisha? If you don’t know, please keep reading below.

How To Make Tobacco Free Shisha - Fruit Bowl

What Is Tobacco Free Shisha?

Before we learn how to make tobacco free shisha, let us find out what it is?As the name suggests, tobacco-free shisha is the shisha without any tobacco and uses something to replace it. The difference between them lies in the taste, but the poorly produced smoke of tobacco-free hookah will not reduce. Hookah shisha made with ingredients like tea leaves, molasses, glycerin, honey, and sugar cane instead of tobacco.

What Can I Use Instead Of Shisha Tobacco?

If you think it’s faster and easier to buy the finished product directly than to know how to make tobacco free shisha. There are several options in choosing a nicotine-free and tobacco-free shisha to smoke in your hookah. The variations below are our top recommended shisha tobacco alternatives.

How To Make Tobaccor Free Shisha - Herbal Shisha

Herbal Shisha: Herbal tobacco is very similar to traditional shisha, except the tobacco leaves are switched out for herbal materials, like tea leaves. This herbal ‘tobacco’ is then mixed up with the same glycerin and molasses flavourings that are used to make your favourite traditional shisha tobaccos. The best brand names that make a natural shisha tobacco option are Al-Fakher Herbal, Fantasia Herbal, Hookah-Hookah Advancement Tea Herbal, as well as Hydro Herbal. These are all tobacco-free and also nicotine-free.

Steam Stones

Steam Stones: What are steam rocks? These are an additional tobacco-free as well as nicotine-free shisha option likewise referred to as vapour stones. Heavy steam stones have no ‘leafy’ product at all, instead, they consist of little porous minerals that are taking in the liquid that gives the flavouring (molasses as well as glycerin, like in shisha).

When utilizing stones, it is best to use a bowl that has a centre apex, as opposed to holes at the end of the bowl. This is to guarantee none of the flavour juices escapes down into the stem as well as right into the water of the hookah. Examples of these bowls are the Vortex, Phunnel, and also Consistency Bowls. As soon as every one of the fluid has been smoked, you simply discard the rocks and also lots a brand-new bowl! Our personal favourites are Shiazo Heavy steam Stones (have a look at Shiazo Organic Stones too!) and the Mya Rocks.

Shisha Gel Drops

Shisha Gel Drops: Another favourite in the shisha alternative game is a gel, also referred to as gel drops. Beamer Gel Ice Drops are small pieces of gel that have been injected with glycerin and other flavoured molasses. When lit with your hookah charcoal, these gel drops produce steam instead of smoke. These are used in a bowl with foil, just like regular shisha. Looking for tobacco-free, but still has that kick of nicotine? Try Beamer Lifted Nicotine Gel Drops!

Decloud Shisha Fruit

Decloud Shisha Fruits: Shisha fruits are made from real fruits, and actually burn longer than most tobacco-free options. These fruits are infused with glycerin to ensure huge flavour and tremendous clouds of smoke. Decloud is simply the employee favourite of all the tobacco-free options we have on our website. Nearly any fruit flavour you can imagine is available, and we even carry a fruit medley!

How To Make Tobacco Free Shisha?

It is always great to make your own stuff. Just like cooking, making your own tobacco free shisha is an art of its own. The ingredients you will need to make shisha tobacco free are fairly simple, let me show you how to make tobacco free shisha below:

  • sugar cane
  • Pineapple
  • Molasses or honey
  • Glycerin

Step 1: started with a full-length sugar cane, and chopped it into 3-4 inch pieces.  Then stood the pieces on end and sliced the skin or husk off, and then sliced it into 1/4 inch pieces. These I then diced into smaller pieces. (you can cut about 16 inches off of a 60-inch cane)

Step 2: a fourth of a fresh pineapple, diced into small pieces roughly the same size as the sugar cane.

Step 3: dumped all this into a medium saucepan and cooked it on medium-low heat. It boiled pretty well for about 30 minutes. (note: pretty often to avoid burning it and boils the water out, leaving the syrup behind only.)

Step 4: when it started boiling this down it had about an inch of watery liquid in the bottom, and when it finished it was empty of liquid, for the most part, only having thicker syrup left. Added about 3 tablespoons of honey and cooked it another 10-15 minutes.

Step 5: This reduced the volume of fruit or shisha to about 1/3rd, then added 3 table spoons of glycerin.

Where To Buy Tobacco Free Shisha?

In order for you to buy good quality tobacco-free shisha, you are welcome to visit our website ‘shisha world’ for more details. But if you don’t know which is the tobacco-free shisha is good, you can come to the hookah bar to have a try.

Tobacco Free Shisha Reddit

Here are some review

Steamstones, but the flavour generally dies out pretty quickly.

Decloud Shishafruits have some great flavours (lemon and strawberry come to mind quickly), but some are pretty awful (pineapple, plum)

Hydro shisha just tastes a bit off though…

By m2i5k6e6 on Reddit

My roommate is a big fan of Beamer herbal tobacco and ice drops. It’s not the same as real tobacco, but if you pack it right, it can be a decent alternative.

By DomDomRevolution on Reddit

A friend of mine gave me some mya peblz vapour stones and I really enjoyed them. as long as I poured a little bit of extra liquid into the bowl I got a good couple of hours (roughly) from them and had a strong flavour and nice clouds. no headaches or anything like that too!

By shmarashwanna on Reddit

Usually, nicotine-free shisha is either herbal shisha or hookah steam stones.

In theory, it’s about the same because it’s the glycerin and other liquids being heated that creates the “smoke”. Not the tobacco.

I’ve used it a handful of times when I couldn’t get real shisha. I’m not a huge fan. The sessions tended to end early. I don’t think the herbs used to absorb the liquids as well and therefore it dries out quicker. The steam stones were even worse since they can’t absorb much. Could be that my trying to use it the same way as normal shisha was the issue. I didn’t really experiment as I had no intention of using the products long term.

It does produce flavour. It just didn’t last long for me and without the head buzz from the nicotine, I felt something lacking.

By bigWAXmfinBADDEST on Reddit

Now, you know all processes of how to make tobacco free shisha. By the way, you can check here for more other shisha flavours information, such as shisha flavour recommend, tobacco shisha flavours review and shisha flavours mix.

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