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Hookah Guide: How To Clean Hookah Shisha In 2021?

Hookah Guide: How To Clean Hookah Shisha In 2021?

Hello, everybody! Let me guess, you must have tried different flavours on the same hookah bowl. Or maybe you just loaded your hookah bowl with Starbucks Irish Kiss and all you can taste is the Blue Surfer from last night’s hookah session. That means your hookah shisha needs to be cleaned!

If you know how shisha troubleshooting affects your experience that you will realize exactly how to clean your hookah appropriately will significantly increase your hookah expertise and also the top quality of your hookah session. So go get that unkempt hookah, get your cleaning materials, as well as allow’s bring it back to life!

Hookah Shisha - Hookah Device

How To Clean Hookah Shisha?

If you want to cleanse your hookah shisha, dismantle your hookah is the primary step: Eliminate your hookah bowl, grommets, tray, pipe(s), adapters, and also diffuser if you are making use of one as well as divide your hookah stem from the base. If your down stem separates from the top stem (this is most typical in Mya Saray as well as Sahara Smoke hookahs) loosen it from the shaft, and if your shaft separates from your centre, separate it too. Generally, you will certainly wish to dis-assemble your hookah down to its part to be able to tidy each nook and cranny where shisha juice or wetness could gather.

Then, use the hot water to clean the devices. Don’t go from hot to cold or from cold to hot. Sudden temperature changes will end up cracking your glass base. If you are considering opening a hookah bar, you must know these details!

How To Clean Hookah Hose/Shisha Pipe?

Most hookah shisha hoses are not washable. Do not run water through your hose as there is a metal coil inside the hose and it will begin to corrode or rust. Simply hang your hoses in a cool dry area to provide you with the longest possible life span.

If your hose was advertised as a “washable hose” which are plastic lined or made with a plastic tubing construction, you can rinse them with hot water and a little bit of lemon juice. Plug one end of the hose with your thumb and pour in your water and lemon juice mixture and then plug the other end of the hose with your other hand and give it a shake! This should allow your mixture to circulate from one end of the hose to the other and cover the entire circumference of the hose.

Alternatively, if you are using a hose with removable tips and have an area where you can swing the excess water out of the hose such as a backyard, bathtub, or apartment patio then you can go ahead and remove the hose tips, hold the tubing in the middle, and swing that hose like a windmill! This will make use of centrifugal force to push the excess dampness out of the hose and afterwards you can reconnect the pipe pointers once the pipe is completely dry.

However, do not put washable hoses in the bowl or clothing washer. They will fall apart since the exterior is not designed for those conditions. Only the plastic interior of the hose is made to handle exposure to moisture. Remember to always hang your hoses to dry.

Hookah Shisha - Hookah Pipe

How To Clean Hookah Stem?

Remember, cleaning brushes are your friends. If you clean your hookah shaft frequently, it only takes a few passes from end to end to scrub off any residue like hookah shisha that might be lingering behind. If your hookah hasn’t been cleaned in a while, it may take several more minutes of scrubbing.

Run hot water through the metal stem, wet the stem brush and push it into one end of the hookah stem. Move the brush back and forth working 6-10 inches of the pipe at a time until the full length of the pipe is done. If the pipe is longer than the brush, you can insert the brush at the other end and clean the rest of the pipe. Run more hot water through the pipe again and repeat with the brush.

If you overlook into your hookah shaft after rubbing it and still see gathered hookah shisha, or if you do not see that shiny metal surface area of the stem, after that it might be time for a brand-new cleaning brush.

Hookah Shisha - Cleaning Hookah Stem

How To Clean Hookah Bowl?

The clay and ceramic bowls should be rinsed at the very least. The black staining is very difficult to remove and you can scrub off the glaze after long term scoring. Make sure to rinse or use small pipe brushes to clean out the neck and holes of the hookah shisha bowl.

During the comprehensive cleaning of your hookah, we suggest you utilize a cleaning option such as dish soap, lemon juice, Formula 420, or vinegar to cleanse your stem, vase, and also head. Some like to soak the stem, vase and also held it overnight in a cleaning solution. Using a cleansing service will additionally help to prevent short-term hookah cigarette flavour residue, which is what creates all the hookah shisha tobacco flavours to start sampling the exact same. Letting your hookah completely dry overnight after a thorough cleaning will certainly likewise aid to avoid the build-up of flavour deposit.

Hookah Shisha - Cleaning Hookah Bowl

How Do You Remove Rust From A Hookah Stem?

Take a flashlight and also inspect your stem where your bowl rests. If you see rust in this after that you could be inhaling rust particles. The smokes are generated throughout the inner stem when you breathe in. You can steam the water as well as add citric acid to remove the stem and soak for around 30 minutes and then wash with water. And use a hookah stem brush and also anti-rust cleaner to scrub out the bits which can also clean hookah shisha as well.

If you have symptoms of a rusted hookah stem and would like a new hookah stem we offer great products on our shisha world.

Hookah Shisha - Rust Hookah

Well, if you don’t have enough budget to buy a new facility, you can go to the hookah bar to experience different hookah shisha flavours.

How To Clean Hookah Shisha With Vinegar?


  •       White Vinegar
  •       Dish Soap (optional)
  •       Baking Soda


  •       Flexible bottle cleaner
  •       Metal scrubber ball
  •       Snake scrubber
  •       Magnetic spot cleaner

Whenever you are using white vinegar or baking soda to clean hookah shisha, we only use warm water. You can also use the sponge and metal scrubbers that you find in a home in place of the gadgets mentioned above.

First, let us make the solution – take some warm water in a glass container and mix in baking soda, white vinegar, and dish wash in it and mix well now.

Now soak in your grommet, diffusers in it. You can soak them also overnight, depending upon how filthy they are. Currently, make use of the helpful brushes to scrub and clean these parts. If you are using cleansed water, then you do not need to clean it much regularly.

As for the hookah bases, you need to pour in the solution. You may need to add more water to ensure it is fully submerged. Leave it for some time. Finally, use a bendable bottle brush to clean the hard to reach corners of the base.

Coming to the hookah stem, use a snake scrubber or along scrubber to clean the inside of the stem. Before you move to the trays, make sure they are cold. Dip in your sponge scrubber I not the prepared solution and scrub thoroughly to clean the plate.

Finally, we have the bowl. Remember, there can be burnt some hookah shisha tobacco in it, so better to use a metal scrubber to remove all the dirt. The most effective point would be to soak your bowl overnight before scrubbing it. You can also clean the hose by dipping the snake scrubber in the solution and then rinsing and scrubbing the tube with it. You can dip in your silicone hose in the water but no other hoses.

Now that you know how to clean the hookah shisha, take pride in your hookah and enjoy the experience in the best way possible. Take care of your hookah and I guarantee your clean hookah will take care of the rest! Add some of your favourite mixed shisha flavours and try your brand new shisha again like the first time. Enjoy the Smoking!

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