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How To Clean A Hookah Cover

Hookah Cleaning And Maintenance: How To Clean A Hookah?

Hola, my friends! Thanks for visiting this blog post via our Shisha World website. If you have a pet, you must regularly take it to the pet store for a grooming session. Hookah is no exception! Giving your hookah regular cleaning and maintenance will make your experience better. So how to clean a hookah? How about maintaining it best? With these questions in mind, let’s start today’s lesson, and this guide will tell you the answers you want!

How Do You Maintain A Hookah?

Does learning how to clean a hookah mean that you know how to maintain hookahs? Not really. Proper maintenance of your hookah is essential to giving your hookah a long life full of many incredible smoking sessions. This not only ensures the best flavour possible from your shisha tobacco but also helps to preserve your hookah to see to it that it will be able to keep smoking well for years ahead. Below are several of the steps we have actually summed up.

How To Clean A Hookah
  1. To maintain the freshness of your hookah shisha, store it in an airtight container in a cool, dry place.
  2. Blow through all of the hoses before and after each smoking session to clear out any smoke residue.
  3. Clean the clay bowl out after each smoking session.
  4. Clean your hookah stem frequently with the cleaning brush to remove smoke residue.
  5. When you place the foil tightly over the hookah bowl, make sure the shiny side is facing down so it will retain more heat from the charcoal.
  6. Wash your glass vase with warm soapy water and allow it to dry completely.
  7. Occasionally, carefully rinse hoses with lukewarm water. Allow adequate drying time.

How To Clean A Hookah?

Cleaning your hookah may be the most essential way to accomplish consistent quality hookah smoke sessions. A spotless hookah means pure shisha flavour from your shisha tobacco. So, how to clean a hookah? Let’s see the details below.

After smoking, rinse base, then fill base almost to the brim with warm almost warm water, next add 2 heaping tablespoons of baking soda and stir as you include them. If the baking soda goes to the bottom of your base, shake the base while covering the leading with your hand, the other hand holds the bottom of the base. If the water in the base won’t shake great, let a few of the water in the base out.

Need to be careful when you shaking! It’s not that hard, just hold on very tight so it doesn’t slip and bust apart. The reason I say to use baking soda is that it’s such a good deodorizer and cleaner. Your base will smell fresh when you are done, smell it before to discriminate.

Hookah Cleaning And Maintenance: How To Clean A Hookah? | Shisha World

It is very easy, let the baking soda solution sit for at least 2 hrs before draining. Now rinse the base a couple of times with warm-hot water, shakings are also recommended for a good rinse. Currently, odour inside the base to see the distinction from before cleaning. Following dry beyond the base with a paper towel or clean cloth so your base doesn’t have areas!

Currently for the stem or shaft, whatever you like to call your own. If you have a lengthy Hookah pipe cleaner, great task. If not, unwind a wire garments hanger and make it straight, then reduced some rag strips and also wrap around the wall mount, Tie at the ends. It might take a couple of shots to get it right, but maintain attempting till you can get it as well as it fits in the stem. Here are more details about cleaning stem.

Make a thick paste with cooking soft drink as well as a little water, mix it well. Currently pour a little in the stem and put some on your vapour cleaner and start cleaning and also heavy steam cleaner from both sides of the stem. Now place the water pressure on the sink on low so you can obtain the water inside the stem at an angle and also turn the stem as you rinse. If you can not do that, make a funnel and put some warm water a few times to rinse the stem, or make use of a real channel if you got one. 

How Often Should You Change Hookah Water?

It’s not quite the same as how to clean hookah, some people are used to changing it once every few weeks, while others are used to changing it every day. Look at the comments will make you a little more intuitive.

I use to replace it before every session or so as well; be sure to clean a bit by shaking the water in it and dumping it a few times before filling it up. My area is currently in drought though; attempting to be a bit more considerate of water usage.

By Skellington on Reddit
Hookah Cleaning And Maintenance: How To Clean A Hookah? | Shisha World

Well, now I feel gross. I smoke at least once a day and I clean out my base and refill once every week or two, or when the water is considerably discoloured. I wash my hose whenever the ghosting gets too strong, or about once every two to four weeks.

By Yankeedude252 on Reddit

How Do You Get Mold Out Of Hookah?

This is not simply how to clean a hookah anymore, mold will need more attention. If you do choose to add any type of liquid other than water in your hookah base make sure to dismantle and thoroughly clean all parts of your hookah promptly after the session as those flavours can “ghost” right into your hookah, or when it comes to a dairy item like milk might cause mildew to create if the hookah is not correctly cleaned up.

Stay away from using milk as much as possible. If you do use it, make sure to THOROUGHLY rinse every crevice and crack in your hookahs, unscrew everything, get whatever rinsed. As for the bases, 90+% rubbing alcohol and Epsom salt. Shake vigorously for 5 minutes and rinse, should be good to go.

How To Get The Smell Out Of A Hookah?

In fact, the hookah smell disappears within fifteen hours after smoking. You can speed up the process by airing the room. In general, it is better to think about the unpleasant smell beforehand and try to minimize it. For example, turn on the hood, when you burn coals, leave the home window on airing. Get rid of points of natural materials that absorb the odour, from the room, such as pillows, coverings and so on. Just like how to clean a hookah to remove some impurities。

The smell after hookah smoking can be suppressed by a brighter aroma – use the coffee beans. To do this, they need to be fried in a frying pan till they provide the flavour or you can simply make coffee in a cezve. If there are no coffee beans in the house, use an air freshener.

If you do have not coffee beans, here are several ways to get rid of the hookah smell stuck due to frequent smoking:

  • Air the room regularly;
  • Use air freshener;
  • Often do wet cleaning in the apartment. In this case, you can add a little bleach to the water. For the complete elimination of any fragrance, wash the curtains, this will give freshness and finally help to get rid of the hookah smell.
Hookah Cleaning And Maintenance: How To Clean A Hookah? | Shisha World

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