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Be Professional: How Much Water Is In Hookah Perfectly?

G’day, my friends! Welcome to visit our Shisha World and view this blog post! We have previously presented a beginner’s guide on how to use a hookah for you. Indeed, the amount of water in the bottom of the hookah can directly affect your smoking experience. So, today we going to talk about the topic of how much water is in hookah. Here we go!

How Much Water Is In Hookah?

To have the very best feasible smoking experience, it is required that you place the ideal quantity of water in your hookah base. Yet how much water is in hookah?

  • You first need to establish your hookah without any water in it. We are doing this in order to see where the bottom of the stem is.
  • Analyze the glass base as well as take a note of where the stem of the hookah stops. When you will add water to the hookah, you need to bear in mind that the stem needs to be engaged by 1-2″ into the water. This is the perfect quantity of water that is needed to give an excellent session and deal with good filtering without limited inhaling.
  • Take off the stem from the base and add enough water so that what we discussed in the previous step is met.
  • Place the stem back right into the base as well as check if the water level is correct. If you add excessive water, you will certainly require to remove it. If you added too little water, you will certainly need to repeat steps 2 and step 3.
  • Continue with the hookah setup process which you can read about in this write-up.
How Much Water Is In Hookah

Can You Put Too Much Water In A Hookah?

This is a hard question to answer without a detailed hookah in mind but some basic regulations will certainly help you discover the response.

Too much water in hookah will lead to

If you end up including more water than what is needed, you will certainly find it tough to inhale through the hookah hose. Also, there is the threat of getting water into the shisha bowl (which will, naturally, wreck your session) as well as the threat of the water entering the tube.

Not enough water in hookah will lead to

On the other hand, not having sufficient water in the base, will definitely obtain little to virtually no filtering. This indicates warmth as well as also extreme vapour (which is something that we wouldn’t want to experience. You do not require tension. Identifying the optimum amount of water is not that challenging. Actually, is a really easy point to do.

Moreover, there are various sorts of hookahs available. Some of them have differences in hookah base size or form. If you have a hookah in which the base is not see-through, then filling up the base with wared will be more complicated. Make certain to adhere to and take a note of the complying with ideas to be able to get yourself out of a predicament:

Tip number 1: If your base is not translucent, see to it to hold your hookah stem up alongside the base at the same height that the stem would normally rest at. Holding your stem such as this will certainly aid you to determine approximately where completion of it will certainly be when the hookah is set up. This will then aid you to think about the level of water that will certainly be required to be added to the base.

Tip number 2: If your hookah base is very small, which is usual in mini hookahs or pumpkin hookahs there will possibly not suffice area in the base to immerse your stem by 1-2′ as stated previously. In this instance, you can generally get it by loading 0.5′.

Do You Use Hot Or Cold Water For Hookah?

Now, you know how much water is in hookah, but which type of water you should put in? The essential principle during hookah preparation is to use cold water. It’s unpreventable that the water gets warmer in the bottle while smoking cigarettes, so you would not want to make use of warm water– it just gets even warmer.

Moreover, You can use slightly chilled water if you prefer yet very cold water will thin down the flavour of your bowl. 1 inch over the downstream is the general standard in the direction of getting the best water level but every hookah is different and it relies on your preference also. If you like a more wide-open draw you would certainly want to put the water more detailed to the bottom of the downstream but if you favour an even more restricted draw you will certainly intend to put the water higher. This all comes down to individual choice, however, ensure the water level is at the very least a little bit above the downstream.

Be Professional: How Much Water Is In Hookah Perfectly? | Shisha World

What Does The Water Do In A Hookah?

The primary function of the water is to cool the smoke as well as add wetness which not only assists the flavour to provide to your taste but additionally makes the smoke really feel smoother as you attract it right into your lungs. So generally hookah smoking is not “harmless”, however, it’s also not the worst thing you might do.

Without water, you’ll experience incredibly extreme and also hot hits that may burn when you inhale the smoke. The downstream of your hookah deals with the water inside the base of your hookah to create bubbles that will certainly freshen and also filter your smoke to lower the number of byproducts your body is revealed to. So how much water is in hookah this detail is particularly important。

Is Hookah Just Water?

A hookah is a type of water pipe. It uses charcoal to melt a cigarette mix after that pulls the cigarette smoke via water as well as into a mouthpiece for users to breathe in.

However, any type of thicker fluid will make your smoke thicker, that’s because breathing in much less air when you catching the smoke. Bear in mind that including thicker fluid right into the base will certainly shed your shisha much faster. Also, don’t neglect that the straight influence on smoke thickness will certainly have the high quality of the coals, the way you load the bowl, the quality of the hookah, and so on top 5 liquids that will undoubtedly make your smoke thicker are:

  • Orange Juice
  • Milk ( When you use it be sure to mix it with water)
  • Sugar syrup
  • Ice
  • Coffee

I mentioned some of the best substitutes for water in the hookah and a couple of tips you should implement if you want a thicker smoke. Now I want to show you two of my personal hookah water recipes that I tried over the years.

Be Professional: How Much Water Is In Hookah Perfectly? | Shisha World

Here is the list:

Chocolate Hookah Water


  • 100 ml of plain boil water
  • 2 or 3 packets of hot chocolate mix
  • a little bit of cold water

Recipe: Boil the water, add 3 packages of the hot chocolate mix, allow the mixture to cool for 20 minutes, then add cold water. Adding cold water is extremely important. The mixture we get needs to be cold because your glass base becomes weaker and cracks at high temperatures.

Colourful Dreams Hookah Water

This is a perfect replacement if you want to impress someone with creativity. All you need is a couple of ingredients and the recipe described below.


Recipe: First mix water, milk, and food dye altogether, in the percentage 50% milk, 50% water, and food dye just enough to get the colour you want.


For more shisha flavours, you can check on the other post with ‘DIY Hookah Tobacco’. Well, I guess you know how much water is in hookah by now. So, now hurry up and make a hookah of your choice and enjoy it with your friends!

Last, if you like our article, please bookmark it and share it with your friends. If you have any suggestions or ideas on how much water is in hookah, please leave a comment and let us know by posting back, we will check and make adjustments in time to make sure we provide you with better content.

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