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E-Shisha Vs E-Cigarette: The Facts You Must Know

E-Shisha vs E-Cigarette: The Facts You Must Know


E-Cigarettes or E-Shisha are now commonly utilized around the globe as an alternative to conventional smoking. It’s readily available in several shapes and sizes yet the actual smoking cigarettes pipeline developed similar to a lengthy pen which is another factor for some calling it a hookah pen. In many the Middle East and Asian countries, it is also known as an E-Shisha. These are made of different fruity flavors, unlike usual hookahs or pipes. You will easily find them at different convenience stores, fuel pumps, and smoke shops.

Available Flavors

E-Shisha pen is found in many different fruity flavors which makes it more tantalizing for men and women equally of all ages, although it’s not recommended to children under 18. Given below is a list of flavors, so you can choose one accordingly to your preference.

  • Watermelon
  • Apple
  • Cherry
  • Strawberry
  • Peach
  • Lemon
  • Grape
  • Pineapple
  • Cola
  • Banana
  • Fruit Punch

The shisha world has two different types of e-shisha available that are disposable and rechargeable.

  • The disposable flavoured e-shishia
Disposable E-Shisha
  • The rechargeable refillable e-shisha
Rechargeable E-Shisha
E-Shisha vs E-Cigarette: The Facts You Must Know | Shisha World

How To Use: Disposable flavoured E-Shisha

1. Simply unpack your fully charged shisha pen.

2. Remove From Plastic Tube.

3. Remove the plastic cap.

4. Press button (if there is one) and inhale.

5. Enjoy!

How To Use:  Rechargeable Refillable EShisha

1. The device itself consists of three parts. The smoking tip, the glass flavour tube, and the battery.

2. Before using this product you should charge the battery for up to 4 hours. ( Correct charging voltage should be used. IN: DC5V 500mA  OUT: DC4.2 240mA)

3. To insert the flavoured liquid into the glass tube, unscrew the smoking tip and pour the juice/liquid inside the glass tube. (Pour it slowly while holding the atomizer on a tilt.) 

4. Screw the smoking tip back on again. ( Do not over screw )

5. Finally, attach the battery to the tube.

6. In order to smoke the pen you must hold the button and simply inhale and exhale.

E-Shisha/Shisha Pens For Sale In Australia

Statistics show that the number of people buying e-shisha in Australia has been growing tremendously over the past years. This is attributed to the fact that people are realizing that there are many advantages to turning to this new trend. If you are still hooked to conventional smoking methods, here are a few facts you should know about e-Shisha Australia.

There is no smoke

with the e-Shisha, you rely on a battery to heat up a flavorful liquid. This indicates that despite the fact that you get the exact same feeling as someone who is smoking genuine shisha, there is no smoke in this case. You do not need to fret about the many drawbacks that are usually associated with smoke such as health and wellness threats and also problems, and also this is the reason why they can be made use of by anyone.

You will avoid the lingering smell

One of the most significant problems, when it concerns smoking, is the odor that is left behind. Smoke consists of tar and therefore, is likely to stick on every surface. Extended exposure to smoke brings about awful marks as well. Nonetheless, when you select e-shisha, you can be certain that no such experiences will come to your means. You can enjoy your e-shisha moments without having to bother with the pungent odor that a lot of cigarette smokers are identified with. The most effective component is that even when you smoke in your residence or workplace, you will not need to stress over obtaining observation by those around you.


An e-cigarette is a device that may look like a cigarette, a cigar, a pipe, a pen, or a USB drive. The liquid inside may smell fruity, but it can have a high nicotine content

The liquids used in e-cigarettes:

  • may contain a range of toxic chemicals including those that add flavour
  • sometimes contain nicotine even if they are labelled as being ‘nicotine free’

E-Cigarettes Types: Minis, Vape Pens, and Mods

Minis: Sometimes referred to as “first-generation” e-cigarettes, minis imitate the feel and look of smoking tobacco cigarettes– hence their nickname, “cig-a-likes.” For first-time customers, minis have a tendency to give the most desired experience as well as the most natural transition from cigarette smoking. These standard gadgets, readily available in both rechargeable and disposable designs, likewise typically set you back less to get started compared to various other types; nevertheless, they do not have when it comes to battery life, flavor choices, and customizability.

Minis E-Cigarette

Vape Pens: As e-cigarettes ended up being extra popular, a demand grew for devices that could supply longer battery life, larger e-juice ability, stronger vapor manufacturing, and enhanced control. This gave rise to the second generation of e-cigarettes, called vape pens (for their pen-like appearance). vape pens slightly heavier than the minis, but they often tend to execute longer and also much better than their precursors. A lot of vape pens are powered by a manual battery, meaning you need to press a button to activate the heating element.

Vape Pens
Vape Pens

Mods: Finally, there are the Mods. It is the latest member of the e-cigarette family and became a lot more prominent as diehard enthusiasts began looking for a gadget that could use complete control over their vaping experience. The Mods usually look more like a flashlight (tub mod) or a metal box (box mod) than a digital cigarette smoking device. Their piece de resistances to sophisticated users is maximum vapor production, extended battery life, and also complete customization, however, they are also normally extra costly as well as require complex battery care.

Mods E-Cigarette

How to use: E-Cigarette

Most e-cigarettes are made up of the following parts:

The mouthpiece: This is a cartridge fixed to the end of a tube. Inside is a small plastic cup containing absorbent material soaked in a liquid solution.

The atomizer: This heats the liquid, causing it to vaporize so that a person can inhale it.

The battery: This powers the heating element.

The sensor: This activates the heater when the user sucks on the device.

The solution: E-liquid, or e-juice, contains a combination of nicotine, a base, which is usually propylene, glycol, and flavoring.

When the user sucks on the mouthpiece, the heating element vaporizes the solution, which the person then “vapes,” or inhales. The nicotine content of the liquid can range from “very high” to zero.

Hookah Shisha Vs E-Shisha

Tobacco and Nicotine

As e-Shisha doesn’t contain tobacco or nicotine, it isn’t harmful as Hookah Shisha.

Hookah Shisha is as harmful and dangerous to health as tobacco cigarettes. It has tobacco or nicotine at all.


there has been no proper study and evaluation of E-shisha but according to many distributors and manufacturers, it is much safer than the other because of its advanced technology and vapor generating mechanism which is made health and eco friendly.

Hookahs Shisha is as safe as the latter but research which was done by the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) revealed that tobacco Hookahs Shisha is twice more powerful and harmful than a normal cigarette. They produce a large amount of carbon monoxide and cancer-related substances in the body.


As it is available in disposable for- mats as a small stick, you can keep it with you and smoke it anywhere due to the absence of tobacco and secondhand smoke. E-Shisha is for personal use.

You can’t carry Hookah Shisha anywhere you go and can’t smoke it anywhere you wish. Hookah Shisha is more preferred for planning long smoking sessions with your friends.

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