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The Most Detailed Shisha Flavour Recommendations For 2021

The Most Detailed Shisha Flavour Recommendations

Welcome everybody, new and loyal readers! Today, I’m going to introduce my top five shisha flavours of 2021 and also giving you some awesome tips.

I know a lot of people want to learn how to do Shisha and what kind of shisha flavours suits you after know ‘what is shisha?‘ I’m going to tell you about them and where you can get them. I also have a few tips in the content, so make sure you read the whole article all the way through so you don’t miss anything. 


Many people will confuse the difference between shisha and hookah. Before introducing the flavour, I’d like to answer this question below.

If you’re shopping for flavoured tobacco to put into your hookah, you’ll find that the term ‘Shisha’ is most commonly associated with the substance, not the water pipe. The main takeaway is that ‘Hookah’ refers to the instrument, and ‘Shisha’ is the tobacco you smoke.

Ok! Let’s start our flavours tour today!

The Best Shisha Flavour

Starbucks Irish Kiss

Let me talk about one of my favourite shisha flavours, the Starbucks Irish’s called Irish Kiss by Star Buzz. Actually, this is about done and it’s very hard to find. I’m not gonna lie! There are some hookah shops around my area. But if you don’t find this flavour in there, you can also go to the website called Starboy Buzz. They have a lot of products you also can get points built on. And once you start ordering stuff as I do, you will begin to get free stuff.

let’s talk about the Starbucks Irish Kiss. It gives you the right shisha flavours profile. It’s kind of like a minty creamy melon if that makes sense. It is very very smooth and great for beginner smokers. It’s not harsh, big head buzz or a nicotine high. The relaxing euphoric feeling you will get when you start smoking shisha. It can be one of the best shisha flavours and I love it!


Then, I’m going to talk about my next favourite shisha flavours, which is Mint. I would not advise you to smoke Mint alone even though some people do. Especially if you’re a beginner smoker. People just kind of just starting off want something that’s not going to hit too hard. 

The mint has an extremely cool effect especially if you get the Alpha brand. It’s a lot of other brands that have stuff like Starbuzz and Nacla, they have a lot of different Mints. But Alfalka is the one that I use the most. Even that, I wouldn’t say smoke it alone. 


Blueberry Mint

Speaking of Blueberry Mint by Alfalka is another one that I absolutely love. You can have that on your own. You just put it in your bowl pack it and you’ll be good to go it has a nice cool sensation, also has that blueberry sweet taste. If you don’t like the Blueberry Mint by Alfalfa, I do have another brand that’s called blue mist made by Starbucks. It’s a very popular shisha flavours couple of years ago. It was like the number one flavour for some years running in shisha. 

But Blueberry Mint is just an all-around good flavour that I’ve never had any complaints about. I smoke Blueberry Mint when I’m just chilling with my friends or something like that. It’s like I said it’s good smooth sweet shisha flavours.

Blue Surfer

The next flavour I want to talk about is a Blue Surfer. It made by Starbucks and it’s modelled. After you remember the little candies that like they look like dolphins. I want to say they were blue and had a white backing on them. I had a try at a party once and it was amazing. I wanted to go back and get some more but it was sold out.

So if you want to find that Blue Surfer, you’ll have to get in the shisha flavours online, because this is hard to find in the store. A lot of other shisha flavours that I’m talking about it’s still can be found in the stores, but if you’re trying to get those mixes and the Blue Surfer and Irish Kiss, you’re gonna probably have to go online for those. But if like candy creamy kind of deal Blue Surfer is what you’re going to want to have.  

Mix Flavors

If you don’t want to just have one flavour, you want to spice it up some or you want to have a mix of flavour. I’m gonna tell you that my favourite mix to do is a Pomegranate Mango and Mint. Like I said mint goes with anything just about anything other than banana like you know something like that. All the other flavours Mint probably is going to be great with it.  But a Pomegranate Mango and Mint that mix is amazing, they usually have these on hook shops menus and you can usually get there, they have different names but just look at the ingredients.

I’m about 95% sure that you’re gonna see a mix that says Pomegranate Mango and Mint. It’s just a great mix for everybody, especially if you get alfalfa that’s my favourite brand. And it’s just a good profile for the ladies.  When you smoking with some guys, the flavours it’s not so sweet and girly. It’s just an overall generic universal great flavour great mix. These ways to match the shisha flavours will make you more professional!

The Cheap Shisha Flavours

The price of shisha flavours varies with sales volume. The prices of the following flavours are relatively low, but that doesn’t mean that no one likes them and these are cheap shisha flavours in quality. I listed the following flavours, which are very affordable.

  • Wild Strawberry
  • Peach
  • Cherry
  • Citrus with mint
  • Gum with mint

Shisha Coals

Shisha Flavours

All right, let’s talk about shisha coals. I want to introduce the titanium coals. These coals are coconut coals and the importance of coals is not the same for each coal. I don’t like insulation if I do have an instal light it’s going to be made of coconut. But titanium coals are great by hookah john. I love them I got a whole box of them and if you want to get a different brand that’s not so expensive. Coconut coal is your best choice.

Moreover, I  think the hype kind of died out around them but when they first came out they were pretty penny. You can’t go wrong with coconut coves and if you do like insulates. Also, if you’re travelling with your hookah a lot or if you don’t have the stovetop. Then you just have a lighter get coconut instal. Likes I think they have something called three kings and all the other good stuff like that, they’re okay. But to me, they have a gasoline flavour or they have a burnt flavour that I just don’t like. Want to know more information about coal? Come in and have a look!

Where Can I Buy Shisha Near Me?

Shisha smoking has become trendy lately as a more social form of smoking and a new way of making money. This social behaviour makes most people feel very relaxed. Many people use hookah because they want to stay away from cigarettes. At the same time, the lack of nicotine options and various flavours can effectively reduce their dependence on nicotine.

However, if you prefer to try shisha smoking outside, here is the list of the best shisha bar, shisha lounge or shisha restaurant in Australia 2021.

Shisha Flavours

Shisha Perth

Shesh Besh Shisha Bar & Restaurant

Address: 209 Oxford St, Leederville WA 6007

Phone: (08) 9242 2279

Rating: 4.5


Cedar Cafe

Address: 197 Sevenoaks St, Cannington WA 6107

Phone: (08) 6162 2225

Rating: 4.4

Popularity: ++++


Address: 51 James St, Northbridge WA 6003

Phone: 0434 844 566

Rating: 4.5

Popularity: +++++

Shisha Sydney


Tagines, kebabs, meze and baklava in a chic, medina-inspired restaurant with Maghreb motifs.

Address: 2-10 Darling Dr, Sydney NSW 2000

Phone: (02) 9555 7067

Rating: 3.9


El Sweetie

Spacious, relaxed hangout offering homemade Lebanese desserts, bistro mains and hookah pipes.

Address: 73/75 South St, Granville NSW 2142

Phone: (02) 9760 2299

Rating: 3.7

Popularity: ++++


Knowledgeable about the shisha flavours and what goes nicely with the customer service.

Address: 2/263 Queen St, Campbelltown NSW 2560

Phone: 0420 206 252

Rating: 4.7

Popularity: ++

Shisha Melbourne

Arabesque Restaurant and Lounge

Nice shisha experience to spend the night.

Address: 642 Elizabeth St, Melbourne VIC 3000

Phone: (03) 9995 9189

Rating: 4.2


Marrakech Cocktail & Shisha Lounge

Lively Moroccan-themed nightspot with DJs, a candlelit shisha lounge and creative cocktails.

Address: 25 Bank Pl, Melbourne VIC 3000

Phone: (03) 9939 1408

Rating: 3.7


Arabesque Cafe Lounge

Middle eastern restaurant with shisha

Address: 55-57 Sydney Rd, Coburg VIC 3058

Phone: (03) 9995 9189

Rating: 3.9

Popularity: ++

Shisha Flavours

Shisha Brisbane

Mado Turkish Restaurant

Traditional Turkish cuisine and regular belly dancing show in a vibrant eatery with a terrace. Do not allow to drink in shisha smoking area.

Address: 1-3/15 Tribune St, South Brisbane QLD 4101

Phone: (07) 3844 7111

Rating: 4.4


Mecca Bah Brisbane

Middle Eastern and North African plates in an ornate space with ottomans and outdoor seating.

Address: Gasworks Plaza, Shop 5/70 Longland St, Newstead QLD 4006

Phone: (07) 3252 5299

Rating: 3.8

Popularity: +++

Lychee Lounge

Intimate shisha bar with exotic accents and red lighting, serving imaginative cocktails, plus share plates.

Address: 2/94 Boundary St, West End QLD 4101

Phone: 0411 888 561

Rating: 4.3

Popularity: ++

Shisha Gold Coast

Mecca Bah Gold Coast

Bustling Middle Eastern-influenced restaurant with ornate decor, serving mezze, tagines and grills.

Address: 3 Oracle Bvd, Broadbeach QLD 4218

Phone: (07) 5504 7754

Rating: 4.1

Popularity: ++++

Shisha Surfers Paradise

Hookah bar in Surfers Paradise

Address: 42 Cavill Ave, Surfers Paradise QLD 4217

Phone: 0411 664 358

Rating: 4.4


La Jordania Restaurant And Shisha

The Hookah bar in Surfers Paradise. Good shisha place near me & nice staff.

Address: The Forum, shop 19, Orchid Ave, Surfers Paradise QLD 4217

Phone: (07) 5639 6938

Rating: 4.8

Popularity: +++

Shisha Parramatta

Armani Restaurant

Mediterranean-inspired cuisine in a room with a draped, tent-like ceiling and hanging lanterns. Great selections of shisha flavours.

Address: 5/354 Church St, Parramatta NSW 2150

Phone: (02) 8840 9453

Rating: 3.7


Mama & Papas Parramatta

Awesome shisha with the normal prices

Address: 295/301 Church St, Parramatta NSW 2150

Phone: (02) 9687 8189

Rating: 4.2

Popularity: ++++

La Jordania Restaurant And Shisha Light, open-plan space with traditional Middle Eastern decor, serving Lebanese dishes and banquets.

Address: 2/76 Phillip St, Parramatta NSW 2150

Phone: (02) 9635 6615

Rating: 4.3

Popularity: ++++

Shisha Adelaide

Sofra Kebab House

3/60 West Terrace, Adelaide SA 5000

Phone: (08) 8212 1105

Rating: 4.2

Popularity: ++++

Shiraz Restaurant

Parking area available. Also serve Shisha or hubble-bubble.

Address: 585 Tapleys Hill Rd, Fulham SA 5024

Phone: 0469 552 233

Rating: 4.1

Popularity: +++

Mazaya Restaurant & Cafe

Address: 98 Melbourne St, North Adelaide SA 5006

Phone: (08) 8239 2880

Rating: 4.5

Popularity: ++++

By the way, if you don’t know where to buy authentic shisha flavours tobaco, here are the answers you want!

Fianlly, I hope you enjoyed this reading, it was a real laid back article I just wanted to write something to solve some doubts in readers’ minds and I want to keep those article coming with these good tips for 2021. If you have any ideas about shisha flavours, don’t hesitate to leave your comment below! Let us know what you think will help us provide you with better content in the future!

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