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Al-waha Tobacco Tutorial: Best Annual Recommendation Flavours

Hello, my new and old friends! We all know that being a shisha enthusiast is very enjoyable. You can try different flavours of tobacco, and even create your favourite flavours as you wish! In the huge market of shisha tobacco, it is especially important to find the right one for you. Which shisha tobacco is worth getting? Don’t worry, today I’m going to introduce you to one of my personal favourites – Al-waha Tobacco. Let’s see why it has won my heart!

Al-waha Tobacco

Al-Waha Tobacco 2

Al-waha Tobacco, one of the world’s most popular hookah tobacco brands who is committed to creating hundreds of different flavours for hookah smokers to choose from.

Since its inception in 1972, Al-waha has made it a production guideline to continually raise standards and update its manufacturing systems and mechanized equipment, not only has state-of-the-art production standards and has maintained a consistent leadership position in the industry.

Same as AL Fakher and Starbuzz, Al-waha Tobacco has also become a hot seller in the hookah world due to the product’s keeping up with the times. Today, Al-waha Tobacco is one of the largest production facilities among hookah companies. Their hub in Jordan accounts for exports to the entire Middle East, Gulf, Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, South America, Canada and the Far East of the United States of America. At the same time, Al-waha shisha seasoning is now available in over 33 countries/regions.

Al-waha Tobacco Review

Everyone has their menu of the most unique flavours, some people like to make their own favoured flavours, while others will try based on some recommended lists. But no matter what, choosing the right one for you is more important than ever. Let’s take a look at what people are saying about Al-waha tobacco.

I just has some for the first time a few hours ago and it was good. I had the mint and it tastes just like AF mint. It didn’t seem to last as long and wasn’t as thick, but we were using some quicklites I never heard of so that could have had a lot to do with it. If you like it keep smoking it.

By DutchmanNY on Reddit

I enjoy a lot of their flavours. The brand is very well priced at my local shop too. AF is always gonna be my favourite brand, but Al Waha isn’t bad at all.

By syrik420 on Reddit

I want to be able to try more of their flavours, but they now only sell the ‘elite’ line in the US.

I like Libella Swing (which tastes more like a lemon balm than orange/guava/mint IMO) and Arctic Peach.

I used to love their Pan Rasna but they changed the flavour permanently, and now, rather than being more peppery than the average pan (Afzal, Nu, Al Fakhamah, Social Smoke, Coconara…. I miss Minar Jurak)…. is more floral/soapy and is the opposite of what I like in my Pan.

I have found the smoke quality to be good but not great; their flavours were more chemical in nature than brands I prefer, and some of their flavours (ice cream, chai latte, watermelon…)

By Darthlizard on Reddit
Al Waha Tobacco

What Are The Best Al-waha Tobacco Flavours

Al-waha tobacco caters to all preferences, as is evident in its flavours spanning Coconut, Coffee, Cola, Grape, Fading Flower to Mint, Berry, Orange, Pear, Pineapple, and even the lesser-known flavours like Nectarine, Nem Nem, Orchengo, Pan Rasna and Wild Berry Chill, Al-waha has all you need. So what flavours are the best? Here are the 20 hottest flavours I’d highly recommend to you!

Al Waha Tobacco Big Boy

Big Boy

This flavour is a sun-proof recipe because it brings the sweetness of watermelon and the coolness of mint. They describe the mixture as a chill, so you can expect to draw coolness from the iced mint flavour rather than mint or lisianthus. It will definitely become a popular product for hookah bars.

Al Waha Blueberry Guava

Blueberry Guava

This hookah is very aromatic and flavorful. When first opened, it gives a strong and intense blueberry flavour, followed by tropical guava. Once placed in the bowl, this flavour develops. The guava flavour is more present on the exhale, giving you a ripe and tart blueberry breath with each inhales. The whole process is a mouth-watering seesaw between these two flavours, and it never gets old. It’s delicious and simple, shines on its own, and has endless blending capabilities.

Al Waha Blueberry Banana

Blueberry Banana

Al-waha tobacco‘s Blueberry Banana is exactly what its name implies, blueberries mixed with bananas! Blueberry Banana is a timeless fruit combination that blends the sweet, tart flavour of blueberries with the natural flavour of bananas to create this unique blend.

Al-Waha Blueberry Vanilla Ice Cream

Blueberry Vanilla Ice Cream

Blueberry Vanilla takes you on a magnificent journey of delicious blueberries that explodes in your mouth with its ultimate coolness. Wait, there’s a more cool breeze blowing in your mouth, conveyed by the smoothness of sweet vanilla ice cream.

Al-Waha Tobacco Tutorial: Best Annual Recommendation Flavours | Shisha World

Cali Twist

Cali Twist from Al-waha hookah tobacco combines the flavours of sweet cherry, tropical pineapple and citrus orange to create an absolutely refreshing fruit cocktail blend! Combine it with your favourite mint to make it even more refreshing!

Al Waha Casper


Casper by Al-waha tobacco offers intense citrus lemon flavours and powerful cool menthol, creating refreshingly cool hookah tobacco. Upon opening the tin, the strong lemon flavour is very evident and you will feel an even menthol flavour after trying it, which is refreshing and cool for added refreshment.

Al Waha Cinnamon Gum

Cinnamon Gum

Al-waha tobacco‘s cinnamon gum blends the sweet cinnamon spice with the minty freshness of Rejuvenating Gum to create a unique flavour blend that will make your taste buds tingle. A must-try for fans of cinnamon.

Al-Waha Tobacco Tutorial: Best Annual Recommendation Flavours | Shisha World

Dirty Thirty

Dirty Thirty consists of a powerful cool mint and a rich citrus lime that gives the shisha this unique flavour profile. The flavour combination of lime and menthol is relatively rare, so this flavour is sure to make an appearance in our shisha sessions.

Al-Waha Tobacco Tutorial: Best Annual Recommendation Flavours | Shisha World

Friday 13

We never expected the memories of the film to be so sweet. This distinctive blend contains 3 flavours that they can gracefully compete with within a bowl. Friday 13 contains sweet southern peach flavour, creamy vanilla and a hint of mint, a flavour combination that can be enjoyed any day of the week.

Al-Waha Tobacco Tutorial: Best Annual Recommendation Flavours | Shisha World

Hot N Cold

Much like Al-waha’s Arctic Blueberry, Hot N Cold blends sweet, natural blueberry flavours with a cooler, minty taste! The strong mint flavour has a slightly sweet and refreshing blueberry note, like eating a blueberry mint candy. If you feel that the Arctic Blueberry Mint flavour is not heavy enough, then you can use its upgraded version Hot N Cold.

Al-Waha Tobacco Tutorial: Best Annual Recommendation Flavours | Shisha World

Two Apples

Al-waha Two Apples is arguably the most traditional hookah tobacco flavour ever made, combining the sweet flavours of red and green apples with hints of anise (black licorice). Traditionally smoked alone or with menthol, you can also get some unique flavour combinations by blending it with other hookah tobacco flavours.

Al Waha I Love 69


I LOVE 69 has a fruity watermelon – honey, melon – passion fruit flavour. It puts you in the heart of Hawaii, with its rich tropical fruits, sunshine and sandy beaches, everything is unforgettable!

Al-Waha Tobacco Tutorial: Best Annual Recommendation Flavours | Shisha World

Libella Swing

Loved by everyone at hookah, Libella Swing takes the sweetness of orange and the light floral notes of guava and combines them with a cool menthol note. The light menthol and sweetness intertwine in your mouth, with a hint of light floral notes, quiet and beautiful.

Al-Waha Tobacco Tutorial: Best Annual Recommendation Flavours | Shisha World

Melon Berry

Al-waha tobacco takes the same honeydew melon flavour from the single flavoured melon and adds the sweet but tart flavour of natural blueberries to make Melon Berry. this hookah tobacco is delicious on its own, but if you want to blend flavours, it is also easy to mix with other hookah flavours to create more unique Flavors.

Al-Waha Tobacco Tutorial: Best Annual Recommendation Flavours | Shisha World

One Day

Al-waha tobacco “One Day” is an interesting blend of flavours that contains mainly strong citrus lime and light menthol, but you will also find a subtle sweet creamy tint during the trial. It’s like the smell of a young girl, a little cool but sweet.

Al-Waha Tobacco Tutorial: Best Annual Recommendation Flavours | Shisha World

Pan Rasna

Pan Rasna by Al-waha tobacco is a very traditional hookah tobacco flavouring that combines cool menthol and rich floral flavours to create a unique floral and menthol hookah tobacco flavour.

Al-Waha Tobacco Tutorial: Best Annual Recommendation Flavours | Shisha World

Summer Air

Al-waha tobacco‘s summer Air combines the tang of citrus lemon with the sweetness of passion fruit for a delicious and balanced hookah tobacco. Blend some menthol to make it even more refreshing.

Al-Waha Tobacco Tutorial: Best Annual Recommendation Flavours | Shisha World

Sweet Shock

Sweet Shock by Al-waha shisha tobacco combines the juicy flavour of watermelon with the sweetness of passion fruit to give you stunning hookah tobacco. Mix it with some menthol flavour for a cooling effect on your hookah!

Al-Waha Tobacco Tutorial: Best Annual Recommendation Flavours | Shisha World


Harnessing the flavour and cooling effect of natural mint leaves, Al-waha Mint is a delicious mint flavour that blends easily with a variety of flavours. Refreshing and uplifting, this is definitely a must-have flavour for mint lovers.

Al-Waha Tornado


For all menthol lovers, Al-waha Tornado is like a tornado that makes people all inhale some cold air and mix it with hot air on top of a pile of menthol leaves to create a rich lingering flavour. The light sweetness will take your hookah tobacco diet to the next level.

Al-waha Tobacco Australia

For Australian hookah smokers, we are pleased to inform you that Shisha World will be supplementing Al-waha tobacco sold through online stores shortly. So that you can buy genuine licensed hookah tobacco from our store without worrying about its quality and you can experience your hookah journey with confidence and boldness.

However, we all know that the flavour tobacco alone is not better to try to its unique, shisha coal is the particularly important, the coal block on the tobacco flavour volatile play a decisive role.

Furthermore, if you are still have a little confused about Al-waha tobacco, I think the following FAQs can help you out.

What is the best Al-waha tobacco flavour for girls?

Flavours are based on personal preference. If you like more minty flavours, then I would recommend Mint, Hot N Cold and Dirty Thirty. if you like more fruity flavours, Blueberry Guava and Friday 13 are well worth trying!

Does smoking Al-waha make you high?

Hookah smoking won’t get you high. The nicotine content of Al-waha tobacco is lower than that of cigarettes, and most water tobacco has a predominantly minty and fruity flavour that can soothe your mind and body and can be less demanding of nicotine. Of course, there is also nicotine-free tobacco sold on the market, according to your personal needs to choose it.

What are the specifications of Al-waha tobacco?

Al-waha tobacco is currently available in 50g, 200g, 250g, and 1000g sizes. You can purchase according to your personal needs. If you want to try it, I suggest you buy 50g; if you are already a long time fan of one of the flavours, you can buy the 1000g.

At last, if you like our article, please bookmark it and share it with your friends. If you have any advice or idea about Al-waha tobacco, please leave a comment and let us know by return, we will check it in time and make adjustments to ensure that we provide you with better content.

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