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Shisha World

Shisha World was established in 2019 as a group of vapers who met in bars on the Gold Coast of Australia. We are absolutely passionate about hookah and everything we want to share with like-minded people. As long-term hookah users/ hookah enthusiasts, we are proud to understand the use of hookah and all the products on the market today.

Fortunately, we have now won the trust and affirmation of hookah fans in many countries/regions. We are here to closely connect the global community of waterpipe lovers by sharing our passion and love for all things hookah.

The fusion of magnificent ancient traditions and modern innovative technologies that incorporate the 21st century makes us excited. We are moving towards achieving the goal of making Shisha more interesting, exciting and eclectic than ever.

Whether you are in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Brisbane or anywhere else in Australia, or even other countries, no matter what you think about shisha, I believe here are all your friends.

Our story has just begun.

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